GGB Miami: DC Beach Party

GGB Miami: DC Beach Party

In August, Geek Girl Brunch Miami decided to take a more laid back approach to our events, and waved the summer goodbye (who are we kidding? We live in a perpetual summer) by having a DC themed beach day. Suicide Squad was upon us, and we wanted to celebrate in a very 305 way (thankfully, Pitbull was not involved)!


Our girls paid homage to their favorite DC characters, and brought some refreshing snacks or beverages to the beach. The water was warm, the beers iced and the company: perfect! It was nice to see some new faces join us, and how quickly they were accepted with open arms (or should I say capes?).

We completely lost track of time chatting with one another as we realized that we had spent the entire day at the beach together. I absolutely love it when this happens because it is a true testament to our relationships with each other. Hours and hours of hangs feel like minutes when all of us are together.

It was especially heartwarming to hear our new members say how happy they were to find a group like ours since it is so difficult to make new friends with similar interests when you are an adult. That’s what we aim for aside from just having fun and geeking out over fandoms: we want to build true and lasting relationships. It has made us so happy to see our girls hanging out together outside of GGB events. I even realized that this year, my birthday festivity was made up of more GGB members than not. It’s a beautiful thing and we can’t wait to share in many more memories with these awesome ladies in the months to come!14022197_2080108835548263_7197834930225738344_nLocal to the Miami area and want to join GGB Miami?
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