GGB Fairfield Inaugural Geek Olympics

GGB Fairfield Inaugural Geek Olympics

As the world competed in Rio de Janeiro, our officers plotted and came up with our very own version of the Geek Olympics! We made teams to represent Mystic, Insight, and Valor as all our chapter members are keen participants in the Pokémon Go game sweeping our nation. We had feats of strength, of will, of intelligence prepared to challenge our girls and show them how awesome they can be.

Unfortunately, it rained. So we had to bring the Geek Olympics inside.

GGBF Members
The first event was a Superfight battle, in which competitors had to debate the merits of different heroes, and convince the group of their superiority!

GGBF SlashWe held a rousing game of Slash, which encourages creativity, imagination, and a fair knowledge of popular culture.

We challenged our members’ knowledge of women in literature with trivia questions that stumped and educated all who attended. We followed that up with trivia on all things pocket monster, and our newest member schooled the entire group!

GGBF dessert

A feast of potluck items was shared by all, including tri-colored cupcakes, the most amazing spicy cheese dip you’ve ever had, and other homemade goodies.

Even with the rain, it was a wonderful day, and we’re so happy to bring together geeky girls from all over Fairfield county!

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