GGB Denton Go Swimming!

GGB Denton Go Swimming!

On July 16, a small yet excited horde of ladies and their partners headed out to Isle Du Bois, Lake Ray Roberts’ swimming hole and park. We headed out for a hotdog and potluck style picnic, we had too much food as provided by all our wonderful guests, and we ate until stuffed. DSC_0309 (Medium)

Our festive location, and excellent viewpoint of the rolling waves and frolicking boaters. Was that a Magikarp??
DSC_0310 (Medium) DSC_0311 (Medium) Officers Flo and Taylor snacked on chips, pasta salad, some savory crackers, cupcakes, cookies, and lots and lots of water. Officer Seana sneaks a peek at Pokemon Go on her phone, as many of our attendees found out, Isle Du Bois is a perfect hotspot for aquatic Pokemon, and if nothing else, lots of walking space to start hatching some eggs!DSC_0312 (Medium) DSC_0314 (Medium)

The loving couple wasn’t exactly feeling the photo op, but they like each other, swears. It’s just the photographer interrupting Pokemon Go conferring over cupcakes and hotdogs.DSC_0315 (Medium) Our ladies weren’t only excited to snack, but to get their tans on, as they raise the roof, what roof, I’m not quite sure, as we were 100% outside and in the sun with maybe half a cloud in the sky all day long.DSC_0319 (Medium) Many of our ladies and gents hopped in the waters to cool off from that Texas heat, thankfully, it was breezy on the lake, as we attempted to battle the elements. DSC_0324 (Medium)Our officer Flo embracing the sunlight and fresh air, although she has been getting plenty doing Pokemon Go!
DSC_0327 (Medium)One of our lovely ladies, Bonnie Jo, is hosting a wonderful event, Strange Monsters LIVE and we officers are excited to help promote her spoken word, set to music by her husband. If you miss this event, she does have cds for sell, and we hope to support more women loving women events and businesses in the future.

In preparation for August 21, your Denton officers are revving up for the Disney Karaoke Taco Brunch, full of seashell pendants, wooing candlesticks, circles of trumpeting safari life, and singing chimney sweeps. If you are in need of tickets, click here! We are pretty excited to bring together all our Disney magic, (even the bad mamajama villains, they need some song magic too, they’ve got such panache!)

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