GGB Fort Collins – Moonies and Mimosas – Sailor Moon Brunch!

GGB Fort Collins – Moonies and Mimosas – Sailor Moon Brunch!

“Pretty Guardians of Love and Justice!”

For our sixth brunch we chose to celebrate Sailor Moon with a magical morning of moonies and mimosas! This brought out several new brunchettes for us and we could not have been more thrilled!

Our cute place settings!

We chose local restaurant “The Kitchen” for this brunch and they were very accommodating with our large group and even offered to make us special “pink” mimosas, which we called, “Moon Prism Power!” And several of our brunchettes dressed for the occasion! So many excellent t-shirts, outfits and a bonus…Elizabeth as Sailor Venus!

Elizabeth’s Sailor Venus!

For this brunch’s favors, we ordered Sailor Moon pin-back buttons, crescent moon charms (with Luna the cat) and officer Sarah hand made Sailor Moon brooch cookies for everyone in attendance. She also made dye-free cookies for officer Jakki (allergies) and a special dinosaur cookie for Harmony!

Our pin packages, complete with charm tied on!
Cookies made by Sarah!






We required much more participation for our activities at this brunch. Our first activity was a mad lib. We challenged each brunchette to make up her own Sailor Scout and create a battle cry by filling in the blanks on our mad-lib cards. We awarded a prize for the funniest mad lib: “Sailor Fiesta Gorda” by Harmony! (Runner up went to Nicole’s “Sailor Tatooine”.) Harmony won some extra Sailor Moon buttons and a pair of Sailor Moon boot covers.

Harmony, Our MadLib Winner!

Following our mad lib, we passed out craft supplies and had each brunchette create a wand to match their Sailor Scout from the mad lib. Some of the ladies got very invested in their crafting and created actual masterpieces. We then put all the wands into a bag and drew a winner at random. Elizabeth won a Sailor Moon pendant (from local store Laser Moon), a bath bomb from Fizzy Fairy Apothecary and a car charm!

Finally we announced our next theme as voted on by our Brunchettes: Video Games! And we drew a winner for the raffle prize. Jessica won a handmade Luna hair bow by Supernova Designs!

Jessica with her bow, which she immediately put in her hair!

“Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight; with her Sailor Scouts to help fight! She is the one named Sailor Moon!”

xoxo, Geek Girl Brunch Fort Collins

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