GGB Austin – Wonder Women

GGB Austin – Wonder Women

Geek Girl Brunch Austin meet in September for our Wonder Women themed brunch! The ladies decided to try a hip local restaurant called Counter Culture, which serves vegan comfort food. Lots of healthy and delicious food was had and shared! This is the first time the group has meet on the East side of Austin for a meetup, and we weren’t disappointed with the trendy area.


Our brunch was inspired by Sam Magg’s new book “Wonder Women“.  Magg’s introduces  25 pioneering female scientists, engineers, mathematicians, adventurers, and inventors—each profile a study in passion, and smarts. Such a great read! If you are looking to learn about inspirational ladies, then look no further than “Wonder Women”.  The brunchettes spent some time discussing inspirational women in their everyday lives, be they grandmothers, co-workers and teachers.


We also talked about a new anime brunch club that recently started in Austin! As well as a ladies rasslin league that we were invited to watch by some lovely fellow brunchers. Lots of  new shows and movies that we look forward to such as Luke Cage, Beauty and the Beast, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Everyone seemed to be ready for the falls season to start and the much needed cooler weather!


GGB Officer Sandra found these lovely women in history illustrations to share. You can find them over on Etsy, by designer Saturn Twins’ Art Shop. They feature famous women in history ranging from Maya Angelou, Marie Curie, and Hazel Ying Lee!

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We had some returning ladies this month, as well as a few new faces! The Austin chapter recently started it’s own newsletter as well. Once a month we send out an email with news about upcoming brunches and links to certain items we discussed at the last meeting such as cool shops, TV shows, and local events. Next month GGB Austin will have it’s annual Halloween brunch! The theme is witches and will be on Oct. 30th, invites have been sent.

Thanks to all the ladies who attend this month! Remember to check our FB page and Twitter for any updates.


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