You Probably Love Someone More Than Harry Brunch

You Probably Love Someone More Than Harry Brunch

14348959_1519421791407931_588957230_nCan you figure out the two words that will make the nerds come running??  HARRY POTTER!! 

September’s Harry Potter themed brunch was the biggest brunch yet for the St. Louis Metro brunchettes! We had 22 attendees, including a few new ladies in the mix. We decided to enjoy a big Sunday brunch at 4204 Main St. Brewing Company. Harry Potter house royalties were being discussed while enjoying an enormous brunch buffet. We enjoyed bacon, fried chicken, cheesy hash browns, muffins, and biscuits with gravy. They even offered kiosks at the buffet serving fresh made French toast and made to order omelets. Not only was Harry Potter a hot conversation, but we enjoyed delicious mimosas and local brewed beer while discussing our levels and catches in Pokémon Go.  With such a large turnout, the conversations were all over the nerd world!  We have all agreed that nerd gatherings are the greatest, as no one will judge you when you take out your phone to make a catch, battle an army, or look up geeky facts!


Swag seemed endless at this meeting! We guess you could say that Harry Potter is a big fandom for our ladies. With the new “membership card” incentives, we had quite the collection of swag donated generously from members of the chapter! 

14593675_10100335203302412_1048581456_nFirst, a pair of Hogwarts themed socks went to each lady.  A few swaps were made as Slytherins traded with Deathly Hallows lovers and “Up-To-No-Gooders” switched with the Ravenclaws! We were all saved in case of a dementor’s attack by a goody bag of Dementor’s Kisses!  A collection of perler magnets was distributed – glow in the dark lumos charms, a few Deathly Hallows in house themed colors, golden snitches, and vials of Liquid Luck. We finally felt complete when we all received a hand crafted wand!  It was like we had our very own Ollivander present at the brunch!   One lucky lady won an awesome hand painted “Grim” mug!  We had a great time as usual and expressed our geeky personalities and passions!


PS – Our brunch title comes from a fact recently noticed by one of our officers:  Everyone who is a fan of the Harry Potter series has a different favorite character than Harry Potter.  Think about it, when was the last time that someone said Harry was their favorite character?!14315781_1519421668074610_601898957_o

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