GGB San Antonio’s March Alice in Wonderland Event!

GGB San Antonio’s March Alice in Wonderland Event!


With March came a special invitation from the march hare for our girls, an Alice in Wonderland brunch with a lovely Lost in Wonderland event being held in San Antonio’s own Wonderland (of America’s) Mall.

We met for the beginning of our day in the food court outside the festival area, where our lunch was to be held and we could all talk a while together first, catching up on our last month and excitement for the day, before falling down the rabbit hole in Wonderland, ourselves. 

Our girls came dressed in amazing Alice in Wonderland shirts and jewelry, and a set of our girls even came dressed up as The MadHatter, The March Hare, and The White Rabbit. It was a positively amazing display of costumery and geekery that would have impressed any Queen.


The festival itself was full of shops from people in the city — including one of our own lovely officers! — and our girls could be found for the rest of our hours gadding about, laughing and smiling, playing games at the gaming booth, looking through t-shirts and jewelry, and fandom toys of all assortments.

At the end of the day, we all got together for one big group picture with the photo staff of the festival, as what could be better than getting our Big GGB picture with all the people of the hour: The Mad Hatter, Alice, The Red Queen, The Cheshire Cat, and more!


As an extra bonus, with our picture, we received a poster with the kind of message we can’t help but agree with after this puuurfect day:


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