GGB Lubbock: Suicide Squad Kickoff!

GGB Lubbock: Suicide Squad Kickoff!

With the release of Suicide Squad on August 5th, the Lubbock Geek Girl Brunch ladies couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a Suicide Squad themed brunch! A few ladies had seen the movie and had nothing but good things to say, while others were waiting for the crowds to die down before braving the theaters.

Brunch was held at the The Crafthouse Gastropub, an adorable new-American style bistro with quaint food and beverage offerings. Several ladies ordered a turkey sandwich, which sounds pretty basic, but was definitely anything but – imagine grilled strawberry jam, melted muenster cheese, and delicious smoked turkey on fresh baked bread – YUM! Officer Alex had a house drink called the “Cucumber Chilton” which she claimed was refreshing, but renamed the “Sassy Cucumber” due to the surprising tartness from fresh lemon juice. Some ladies are still teasing her about that and “Team Sassy Cucumber” has become a thing!


Discussion ranged from talk of Suicide Squad and its related comics (luckily with no spoilers to ruin it for those who had yet to see it!) to the latest Harry Potter news and the release of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” to the latest amazing catches in Pokémon Go to World of Warcraft and the Legion expansion looming on the horizon with a little bit of everything else thrown in for laughs and an all-around great time!

We had a collection of swag to giveaway, including an awesome Suicide Squad movie poster donated by our local comic book shop, Star Comics! Among the other items, there were also two Funko Pop! Figurines, a keychain, a bracelet, and a handful of Harley Quinn comic books brought by our Officers.


All in all, another wildly successful brunch brought to you by the Lubbock brunchettes! School starts back up soon and life will start to get hectic once again, but we’re all very much looking forward to our next brunch and excited to see what theme we’ll come up with next!

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