GGB Leeds: Geeky Girls’ Picnic – 31st July 2016

GGB Leeds: Geeky Girls’ Picnic – 31st July 2016


As July came to a close, the Brunchettes of Leeds decided to head out for a picnic. The chosen venue was Roundhay Park: a lovely open space outside the city centre which hosts many wonderful features, including a butterfly house, a café and the stunning Waterloo Lake.

After a hard morning of Pokémon hunting – yes, ladies, we’re all hooked on it, too! – we gathered near the park gate and went to find a spot together, walking in the glorious sunshine. (That’s something not commonly seen during the British summer!)

We settled on a nice grassy patch close to the lake, in order to enjoy a scenic view. Each Brunchette brought both a small lunch for herself and snacks to share with the group, so there was plenty of food for everyone.

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After enjoying our refreshments, making merry chatter and comparing our Pokémon finds, the group decided to go their separate ways. Some Brunchettes stayed beside the lake and played card games. Others went for a nature walk to continue their Pokémon quest.

One small group, including the Chapter Officers, decided to head into town for the traditional geeky shopping spree. Feeling tired due to the good food and sunlight, they reached the gates by taking a ride on the land train that circulates the park. (Choo choo!) After that, it was onto the bus towards the city centre: they sat on the back seat, got their phones out and had an argument over a Sandshrew.

Whilst in town, the first stop for the Brunchettes was to pick up some Funko Pops and other geeky paraphernalia. They then headed to the local bookshop to get their hands on the new Harry Potter release. To celebrate their purchase, the group enjoyed some sweet treats at Patisserie Valerie – including cakes, waffles with ice cream, and milkshakes.

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It was a great day, and the perfect way to round up our summer events. (And, by sheer coincidence, our Pittsburgh friends would be getting together, enjoying our British snacks and taking our Yorkshire slang quiz later on that exact same day!)

Our next gathering is planned for Autumn, and there’s magic in the air…

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