GGB Twin Cities: Whedonverse Brunch

GGB Twin Cities: Whedonverse Brunch


GGB Twin Cities wanted to have brunch on the Hellmouth, but a roadtrip to Cleveland wasn’t in the cards. Instead we went to Hell’s Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis. After all, what could be a more apropos venue for celebrating all Joss Whedon-y things?  And by all things, we mean the entire oeuvre – Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Serenity, Dollhouse, the Avengers, Dr. Horrible’s, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and even the Cabin in the Woods!  A little something for almost everyone.

Having a brunch to celebrate a man is a first for our group.  All sorts of critiques can be made about Joss Whedon’s work, but the consensus was he deserves massive props for creating a plethora of strong women characters and blazing the trail with the first lesbian sex scene on network television.  And of course, creating excellent projects with compelling characters exploring interesting and complex themes.  We also got to hear about some of the Brunchettes meeting James Marsters at con.  Yes, Spike!

Hell’s Kitchen has a locally-sourced and inspired brunch with live music. So we can pretend we’re at the Bronze if we want to. They also have an epic 35-foot Bloody Mary and Mimosa bar.  Shiny!


And famous-for-a-reason 1/4 pound Caramel-Pecan rolls…


And brunchettes have some seriously rad and geeky t-shirts!

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Most of the brunchettes were regulars, but we did have some new faces.  Some of the regulars said the Whedonverse brunch was their favorite to date!

Our group now has over 500 members! In addition to regular brunch with a long waitlist, we’ve been planning happy hours that turn into dancing, game nights, cartoon yoga, picnic brunches and a campout with a bonfire and movie screening!  We’ve wanted to have a variety of events on different days and times so everyone has a chance to come.

GGB Twin Cities is also celebrating our one year anniversary! Join us for a Pokemon Go Picnic Potluck on Sunday, August 14th.  RSVP on And like us on Facebook.  Until next time!


Thanks to Andrea Polk for taking awesome photos yet again.  You rock!




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