Fairfield CT Inaugural Brunch & Book Swap

Fairfield CT Inaugural Brunch & Book Swap

Last Weekend, Connecticut Geek Girls burst onto the scene at Local Kitchen & Beer Bar in Fairfield. We quickly made friends with our waiter Gerard, who kept our mimosas topped off and even suggested we look up a geeky website – brainpickings.org to accompany our book theme! Specially made GGB Bookmarks in hand, we were ready to go.




We were excited (and mildly surprised) at such a big turnout for our first get together – a whopping 10 people came to our first meetup! We introduced ourselves, we laughed, we fangirled and we exchanged books of all shapes and sizes for weekend reading. Everyone ended up with something new and different, from comics to novels and mainstream books – no repeats, and even a few extras in case a brunchette had forgotten theirs. We already have such a thoughtful bunch! IMG_8258


The best part was hearing everyone describe why they brought the book they did, and how many people shouted “oh I loved that book!” when another brunchette announced their pick. It’s a good thing we were sitting outside with the amount of exclamations over all these powerful ladies and their books.


We brought a “taco box” of crayons for people to color in a few favorite heroines of the Harry Potter series while people got to know each other. The only downside to this brunch was the long table – not very easy to shout from one end to the other! Only more reasons for us to have another get together ASAP.


Lastly, we surprised our brunchettes with a giveaway! Our officers scrounged around for some great nerd merch and put it all together in a tumblr tote for our winner Leah (who drove over an hour to get to our brunch!) to take home. Contents included the few unclaimed books from our swap, some powerful pins & temporary tattoos from Jordandené, an “embrace your weird” Felicia Day quote pencil and the Harry Potter coloring book with some fancy twist up colored pencils.

We hoped all our brunchettes had a great time – the Fairfield officers were beaming ear to ear, excited to find camaraderie so close to home and excited to get our next event planned and ready so we can all hang out again!

<3 Fairfield Chapter

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