GGB Cincinnati – DC Comics Brunch

GGB Cincinnati – DC Comics Brunch

For our August brunch, the Cincinnati chapter celebrated all things DC comics. We met up at Sleepy Bee Café in Blue Ash with some of our new members, bringing us to a group of six.

There was a little mix-up with our reservations, but the Sleepy Bee team found a spot for our little group (thanks again, guys!). We also had to deal with some traffic nearby which delayed a few of us, but once the majority of the group arrived we put in our orders. While we waited on our food to arrive, the members played a short DC trivia quiz. Our first and second place winners picked between the Batman and Wonder Woman prizes.


Sleepy Bee Café specializes in fresh, local food and they give you plenty of it. Be sure to make some room for their buttermilk pancakes or their omelets! If you want a change from your usual brunch mimosa, Amanda recommends trying The Hugo which consists of champagne, elderflower liqueur and mint.

After brunch, everyone but Amanda was able to see the new movie Suicide Squad, in honor of our DC Comics theme. The movie was being shown at Kenwood Theatre, just a few minutes drive from Sleepy Bee Café. We all met up again in the theater of the lobby and welcomed another member who was not able to attend brunch. We ordered plenty of snacks and made our way upstairs to the theater.

IMG_9679Everyone was excited for the movie, and thankfully, we all highly enjoyed it! Most of us hung around the lobby of the theater for about 15 more minutes, talking and discussing the film. We all tended to agree that Jared Leto’s The Joker wasn’t our favorite, but we loved the cast of characters overall.

Making time for brunch and a related activity afterwards was a lot of fun as it allowed us to spend more time together. While you can’t talk during the movie, we got plenty of chatting in during and after!

Our next brunch is tentatively planned for October – just in time for Halloween. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information.

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