Brunch of Thrones in Sacramento

Brunch of Thrones in Sacramento

Now that we’ve all processed (mostly) all of Season Six of Game of Thrones. Let’s take a moment to look back at how the Sacramento Chapter celebrated the premiere of season six. They celebrated with, what else, brunch! A Brunch of Thrones to be exact.

In April, Sacramento met at popular Sacramento brunch spot, Bacon and Butter.  Bacon and Butter is always popular with large groups of people waiting for some delicious food every weekend. Lucky for us, they took a reservation to host our Geek Girl Brunch.  Bacon and Butter is one of the many delicious restaurants in Sacramento specializing in fresh, made to order, farm-to-fork cuisine. For large groups, Bacon and Butter offers family style dining.  The whole group gets served our scrambled eggs, potatoes, seasonal fresh fruit and platters of Beeler’s bacon. Then, the group gets to decide on additional dishes from the menu. Sacramento brunchettes chose pancakes, a biscuit sandwich, and a banana french toast. Everything was absolutely delicious, but the biscuit sandwiches were probably the biggest hit!

Once the food and drinks were ordered, it was time to get the geek on. Brunchettes received two separate quizzes. The first quiz was multiple choice and related to the Night’s Watch (One of our brunchettes was actually wearing a t-shirt with the Night’s Watch’s oath – she had a bit of an advantage for a couple questions!). The girls needed to match House Sigils with House Words with House Names. This proved surprisingly difficult, mostly because several girls have never actually watched Game of Thrones or read George RR Martin’s epic Song of Ice and Fire.  All were good sports and enjoyed the activities. The winners especially enjoyed the activities as they went home with prizes.



But the girls with the most Game of Thrones knowledge weren’t the only ones to go home with something. Every attendee went home with a Game of Thrones House shot glass and a death pool bingo card. The death pool bingo cards were randomly generated with names of characters who could potentially die during season six.  The girls were excited to stay engaged during the season and compare bingo cards after crossing off those poor characters who got beautiful (and not so beautiful) deaths over the course of the season. Sadly, I don’t think anyone actually got a death pool bingo (which is surprising after that finale). Here’s looking to season seven!

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