Geek Girl of the Month – Robyn of Geek Girl Strong

Geek Girl of the Month – Robyn of Geek Girl Strong

Here at Geek Girl Brunch we are proud of our many accomplished members and officers. That’s why we decided to start a new blog series called “Geek Girl of the Month”. Each month we will highlight an amazing member of our community with a special post.

This month, we have chosen Robyn from GGB NYC! Robyn was nominated by GGB co-founder Jamila.

206c6630-acc8-4bc9-a84e-13474141a41bBio: Robyn (Physical/Health Educator (B.S./M.S. Ed) and American Council on Exercise certified Health Coach) founded Geek Girl Strong in order to give girls and women with geeky interests a community where they could talk about and work towards better health. She creates workshops/classes, health coaching and personal training programs that allow people to bring their fandoms with them on their journey to overall wellness. She also hosts a bimonthly fitness/wellness event called the Fangirl Health Club, is a pole dance instructor, and proud mental health advocate.

Robyn’s Site: Geek Girl Strong

Social Media: Twitter , Instagram , Facebook


How did you start/get involved with your project?

– After teaching Health and Physical Education in the New York City public school system for 5 years I realized that I wanted to live my entire life (not just in the classroom) as an example of better health. When talking with my female students I saw that the pressure to chose what “type” of girl they were  (the smart/bookworm/nerd girl, tomboy/athletic girl, or pretty/girly girl) was as fierce as ever, by the end of my time there it was well known that I did not accept this about the world. I created Geek Girl Strong to bring all that I have worked on and towards together: overall wellness, female empowerment, and my geeky qualities.

What motivates you?

– I’m motivated by my hope to better my little part of our world. I like to approach health and wellness with a hopeful yet realistic outlook. My main goal in life is to help girls and women realize that they are the super heroines they thought they would only read about.

Tell us about an obstacle, or obstacles you had to overcome to get to where you are.

– This June I left my job as a teacher in order to set off and teach the way I have always dreamed. Having grown up in a lower/middle class family, financial security has always been really important to me. I continue to overcome this fear by admitting that I would have never lived up to my true potential at a job where I did not feel that I could fully be myself or use my skills in the best way I knew how. I hope that doing so will lead me to the continued security I seek.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

-In the very near future I will be hosting the third Fangirl Health Club. In the not too far future I hope to be running Geek Girl Strong full-time, and open a not-for-profit Geek Girl Strong summer camp for teen girls down the road!


Who is your role model?

– I have lots but one is Ororo Munroe (Storm of the X-Men), I know it’s sort of corny but it is the one which has probably lasted the longest. Storm survived tragedy/trauma, lives with a mental illness (severe claustrophobia), and is an unapologetically powerful, intelligent, and overall bad-ass woman. Her likeness also lives on the inside of my arm.

What’s your secret superpower?

-My resilience. I am pretty open about the fact that I live with a mental illness. Still, I keep seeming to do things that others would call “brave” or “inspiring”. I’d like to think my achievements are in spite of all the tough boss fights I’ve been through!

Favorite tip for self motivation/productivity/organizing etc.

-To-do lists! I almost HAVE to have one in order to get what I want to do done. I’ll even put silly things on them like “Take a shower”, in order to trigger some feel good when I check it off. It also allows me to organize the thoughts and aspirations in my head.

How did you hear about GGB?

-My friend Chavon (of told me about the Marvel brunch!

What do you enjoy most about GGB?

-There is just something about the brunches that shoots everyone’s confidence through the roof. It’s really beautiful to see so many geek girls feeling good, not only about their fandoms, but themselves too. (I also love the mimosas, and although I am always mindful of what I eat, brunches are like little vacations… I eat what I want, even if that is a bit outside of what I would normally choose!)

Do you have any words of wisdom for your fellow GGBrunchers?

-Be just as kind, supportive, and forgiving of yourself as you would your best friend.


Thanks Robyn for being apart of Geek Girl Brunch and letting us feature you in this blog series!

If you would like to nominate yourself or a fellow GGB member to be our next Geek Girl of the Month, then simply send an email to the main site with the subject “GGB of the Month”. In the body of the email please give a brief description of your project and any links, or the name and info for the brunchette you’re nominating, so we can get in touch with her.

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