GGB Leeds – Geek Girl Lunch – April 2016

GGB Leeds – Geek Girl Lunch – April 2016

Back in April, following the success of our first ever brunch, we decided to hold a more casual get-together for the Leeds Brunchettes. To shake things up a bit, we thought a non-brunch meal was in order. Therefore, our second get-together took the form of lunch at a beautiful basement restaurant, The New Conservatory. This was a relatively easy location for our Brunchettes to find, as it is directly opposite Bill’s, where we held our first event. (In fact, the waitress who’d served us saw us from the top window. She waved. We waved back.)

The staff greeted us with great kindness and lead us to the wonderful dining area, where our Brunchettes were surrounded by shelves of books. Literature is often a conversation topic at our gatherings, so the interior design was much appreciated. Officer Hannah especially enjoyed seeing the owl statuettes everywhere!

Once we’d all settled in and had enjoyed a bit of pre-food chatter, we were served our meals, which consisted of either two or three courses. Several Brunchettes took advantage of the special early bird offer, whilst others chose from the wider menu. Starters included calamari, soup and nachos. Among the main courses on offer were enormous chicken skewers, fish and chips, and the house burger. As for desserts, we were able to treat ourselves to Eton Mess sundaes, old school puddings, and the luxurious Chocolate Box – a square chocolate mousse filled with caramel.

Following some scrummy food and lots of laughs, we rounded off the day with our now-customary trip around the comic shops of Leeds. The group is rapidly becoming a familiar sight around such venues: we are often greeted with smiles and friendly chit-chat, so we’re fairly sure that they appreciate our custom!

The Leeds Chapter hopes to hold more casual events like this in-between our official brunches… we’ll keep you posted!

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