GGB Lubbock: Literary Book Swap!

GGB Lubbock: Literary Book Swap!

Many of our members in the Lubbock chapter are avid readers and love to share what they’re currently reading, so we thought for our July brunch we’d celebrate that and the creation of the new Geek Girl Brunch Book club by doing a Literary Book Swap brunch!


We all met at La Madeleine’s, a cute little French bistro in town that served brunch, pastries, and delicious fruit tarts. They were kind enough to set aside a private room for us and made sure everything was okay and worked out for the brunch. Another added bonus was that it was super close to a Pokestop, as Pokemon Go had just came out and everyone was excited to play while out of the house and all together!


We even had a little visitor try to join in on the fun.


Each girl got a couple of little goodies for the brunch. Officer Alex made adorable little Bookworm gummy bags and Officer Sam made bookmarks for each girl with their initial so everyone was all set to enjoy their new book!


For the book swap, everyone attending brought at least a book each (some brought multiples just in case anyone forgot and to widen the variety) and we all wrapped them or put them in bags to hide the covers. Each one had a small description or key words so you had to pick by the summary rather than looking at the cover. We wrote everyone’s name down and drew it out of the bag to choose the order in which the girls would pick. Once everyone had their book, we opened them up to see what we got. The girls were allowed to trade, but everyone seemed pretty set on their choices and stuck with them!


It was a great way to get everyone talking about their favorites and the types of books they like and what to recommend next. Everyone got to try something new and eat good food! Overall it was a great success and now we can’t wait to meet up for our #GGBDoBetter Pokemon Go event next week!



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