GGB Pittsburgh’s Dr. Who Brunch

GGB Pittsburgh’s Dr. Who Brunch

Ahhh….Dr. Who.  Talking about Dr. Who is like a security blanket sometimes, no?  It just brings you to that warm happy place where anything that could possibly be wrong with the world is solvable within 60 minutes of BBC programming.

We have to ask…how did it take us so long to plan a Dr. Who brunch??

In June the Pittsburgh group *finally* met for the ultimate Dr. Who gathering in the Steel City — 22 ladies joined us downtown at The Yard for an amazing brunch and drink selection.

75834677317This is our second visit to The Yard as a group, and we love all the amazing brunch offerings they offer our large party — bottomless mimosas; a bloody Mary bar; breakfast sandwiches of Belgium waffles and tater tots; bacon as far as the eye can see.  And best of all, staff who love to participate in all of our geeky conversations!


New members and returning veterans gathered up and down our long table to discuss our favorite Dr. Who episodes and characters.  Even though the temperatures were approaching triple digits outside, a few brave Whovians came dressed in wonderful Doctor-inspired outfits.  Discussions ranged from our favorite Doctor and his favorite episode, to why everyone hates Martha, and when we think the Doctor will finally be played by a female (and who that lucky lady will be).

13445371_277998689219303_8106443598369391110_nOur Dr. Who brunch is part one of the British Invasion summer we have planned in conjunction with the Leeds group, so conversation was not limited to just Dr. Who.  Harry Potter, the Beatles, Sherlock, and illegal Kinder egg discussion lead to this brunch being one of our longest ever!  It’s a good thing when no one wants to go home, right??

Thanks in part to the wonder ladies over in the Leeds group, we had some amazing swag to give to all of our ladies.  Everyone got to pick from the box of goodies that the Leeds group sent us (Cadbury!  Tea!  Aero bars!  So much to try and taste and discuss!) and we had some amazing Funko Pop swag donated by one of our own brunchettes!  Local vendor Crafty Cabra donated some amazing Tardis rings for each lady to take home with her, and there were chocolate Daleks and TARDIS’s for all the ladies thanks to Pittsburgh Sweet Relief.  We also managed to grab some free Dr. Who coloring pages, because who doesn’t like to color?


A huge thank you to all the ladies who showed up for our brunch — we wouldn’t be a group at all without you.  Thank you to The Yard for again hosting our group and encouraging our nerdy discussions.  Thank you to all the vendors mentioned above who donated swag for us to give away to our ladies.  And thank you to the bottomless mimosas, for reminding us why we love brunch so much!

Part II of our British Invasion summer continues next month with our Happy Birthday Harry Potter themed gathering, another much-requested brunch idea.  Your officers are already hard at work planning everything, and we can’t wait to continue this summer theme with all of you ladies!  Now quick, back to the TARDIS, there’s a world that needs saving out there!


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