Geronimo! Allonsy! Fantastic! GGB Denton

Geronimo! Allonsy! Fantastic! GGB Denton

This month our geeky theme was Doctor Who! Cause I mean who doesn’t like bow ties?!

Our venue was The Greenhouse, a wonderful place that had something for everyone. One notable perk, and selling factor for us Lady Brunchettes, was the build your own Bloody Mary and Mimosa bar. Mimosa fans had their choice of classic orange juice or other fancy options like vanilla, plum, and kiwi (all freshly squeezed)! Bloody Mary drinkers had the option of yummy infused liquors like basil and rosemary!

13483020_477434279121951_4725478912931241446_o (Medium)As usual our event started without delay and it was a sea of TARDIS blue! Now that we have had a few brunches, it was refreshing to see our fellow Brunchettes enjoy each other’s company and continue to build the bonds they started or begin new ones. For this event our officers decided to have randomized seating, with each Brunchette’s place marked by themed place cards. Each officer sat at a different table so we could get to know our ladies, with the exception of Officer Victoria, as she was unable to attend the Whovian party.

After pleasantries were done and drinks were assembled our ladies ordered off of our custom menu, designed by Nicole Probst from Greenhouse, with selections renamed to fit our geeky theme. We were well taken care of by our wonderful server, Andrew.

13466525_477445439120835_5746069540104892359_n (Medium)The menus’ watermark featured Gallifreyan for Geek Girl Brunch with the date of our event repeated around the outer circle.

13466166_477445425787503_2003758049285410325_n (Medium)This month favors were full of Doctor Who classics! Our lady officers Seana and Taylor provided TARDIS blue bags filled with jelly babies, the cutest red and blue bowties, and 3D glasses. All our lady officers worked hard in contributing something to this months event!

13428471_477445489120830_5709784453793671160_n (Medium)Ms. Victoria donated a “Silence Will Fall” crossstitch and decorated frame won by our Brunchette Alicia, this girl sure is lucky! Ms. Florisa made adorable marshmallow Adipose marshmallow toppers for our swirly cupcakes. After most of our wonderful cuisine had made its way to our stomachs it was time to give away our raffle prizes!

13433325_477446785787367_3782707374234974028_o (Medium)First to go were some strawberry champagne scented TARDIS and Dalek shaped soap set purchased from Etsy from CherryPitCrafts and won by our brunchette Amy.

13442646_477446729120706_4188427711066571960_o (Medium)Brunchette Kristi was the winner of a mini 10th doctor from Funko Pop.13497798_477434235788622_6265869779766723078_o (Medium)

One of our new Brunchettes, Darlene, was the lucky winner of two blue wine glasses donateded by Seana and etched by Pixskull with “Intoxicate” featuring a Dalek and “It’s Time To Get Wibbly Wobbly”, what a great first brunch for her!13422432_477434232455289_3818502793825029598_o (Medium)

We loved Ms. Katie’s prize, a gift card to Mulberry Street Cantina!13482883_477446752454037_5396820537182812357_o (Medium)

The last prize raffled to be claimed was the cross stitch won by Alicia.

This brunch was attended by 21 ladies of which we had three birthdays, Kimberly Spence, Becca Delozier, and Jasmine Barton (please shoot them birthday wishes)! All of our Birthday Brunchettes received an extra raffle ticket and shout-out on Facebook. So make sure to sign up to receive yours! Overall our brunch was a success filled with great conversation, new and old friendships, wonderful food, and an endless supply of nerding and geeking out with bowties tied.

Our next brunch, Geek Girls Go Swimming, will be at  Ray Roberts Lake July 16th! (You can buy your tickets online through our Facebook event!)

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