GGB Fresno: Game of Thrones Brunch

GGB Fresno: Game of Thrones Brunch

The ladies of GGB Fresno apologize for the late arrival of this document. It was intercepted and kept by the High Sparrow as he believed its contents were a sin against the Faith of the Seven. It was Queen Margaery who convinced him of its harmless nature and it was finally released under the condition that the courier would be made to confess. Ever since the former Master of Whisperers disappeared from King’s Landing, couriers have proven less than reliable. No one has ever been as swift and efficient as Varys and his trusted informants.


With season 6 of Game Of Thrones heading towards it’s epic finally, it was the perfect theme for our June meet up. We dined at Westwoods, a BBQ spot in River Park, Fresno. Our crew was lucky enough to score a large table in a semi-secluded part of the restaurant. Most restaurants in the area are smaller and cannot afford that luxury so it was a nice surprise.

GOT0I Drink








Julie, Mother of Cookie Dragon Eggs, brought in some homemade goodness for everyone.This small push lead to easy conversation that carried on throughout lunch. A new member, Amy, joined us and though she effortlessly settled in, she was unlucky in the raffle we started for this gathering. The items included George R. R. Martin’s A Dance With Dragons, Three-Eyed Raven Ale, and a pendant that reads, “I drink and I know things” made by TheCrownJulies, Mother of Cookie Dragon Eggs, Breaker of…you get the idea (check out her Etsy shop here).Melena was the lucky winner of the Tyrion pendant, Tiffany took home the ale, and Liz expanded her library with A Dance With Dragons.


We did not have any additional events planned for this get-together. It was nice to have the opportunity to relax in our own space and get to know each other a little better. We look forward to seeing the ladies in a couple months for the Suicide Squad release.

Until then, take care, for the night is dark and full of terrors.

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