GGB Orlando – Disneybounding Brunchettes at Disney Springs’ Raglan Road

GGB Orlando – Disneybounding Brunchettes at Disney Springs’ Raglan Road

Hey Fellow Fans of Princesses and Poached eggs,

It’s Officer Paige from GGB Orlando! It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with recap from our chapter, but hopefully I can make it up to you with this magical Disney adventure! Being so close to Disneyworld, It was only a matter of time before we decided to bring our brunching shenanigans to the happiest place on earth. Upon doing some serious googling I was happy to find out the Raglan Road, the Irish Pub at Disney Springs serves breakfast, not only that but the menu looked amazing. Reservations where made, the obvious theme of Disneybounding was chosen, and in a few short weeks the day had arrived.

With thoughts of potato pancakes and princesses swirling around my head I put together my first ever Disneybound deciding to channel my inner Ariel and headed out to Disney Springs to meet the Brunchettes!


Nix was the first person I ran into after I arrived at Disney Springs. She was sitting in the shade knitting in an awesome Merida bound! Lacy, third to arrived shortly after and snapped this very artsy photo of us waiting for the rest of the group. After we took our seats around the long table together and started pouring over the menu.


Karen (Karen Nerds Out)¬†answering the great debate of “Coffee or Beer” with the perfect answer “Why not both?” and we love her for it!



Sometimes as a brunch Officer, you just have to pass your phone across the table and ask “Hey, will you take a picture of your food for me? It’s for the blog” This chicken pot pie looked way too good not to show you all.


Remember how I told you I had been day dreaming about potato pancakes? I’m happy to report they where just as delicious as I had hoped!¬†disneybounding

Our dear sweet Lacy (nerdyoga) channeling her inner flounder, and looking just as cute!


Our lovely group of disneybounders! I’ve given you a few hints and outright old you a few of the answers, but can you guess who everyone is supposed to be? Yes no maybe so? Try your best in the comments below!

The thing I love about Disneybounding is you can be as outrageous or as subtle as you like, and it’s as easy as looking into the deepest depths of your closet and pairing together something unexpected. I wish I had taken more pictures, because honestly everyone looked so amazing!

We where in the most magical place in the world, but I can say with certainty what gave this gathering all of it’s pixie dust was the laughter, the stories, and most of all the people.

Thanks Orlando Brunchettes for wishing upon a star, and always being who you are.

We’ll see you again soon for our one year anniversary!

xoxo Officer Paige

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