GGB Salt Lake City: Trekkie Trek

GGB Salt Lake City: Trekkie Trek

On July 2nd, a local event company Geek’d Out Events hosted a Star Trek themed 5k benefiting a local youth camp called Hollow Mill. As a way to give back while also being geeky and getting pancakes, GGBSLC joined in the race to find Wesley Crusher who, once again, had run away because Captain Picard told him to “Shut Up”.

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Runners and walkers alike did laps around the park in hopes of finding poor Wesley (to no avail). When they couldn’t find him, they drowned their sorrows in the small petting zoo which contained a Fox, an Alpaca, and some Tribble-like Lion Head bunnies.


Our officers Anna and Jackie, put together some super fun hair clips in the shape of the Starfleet Insignia and an tribute to the shirts that the crew wears in Star Trek: Next Generation. They were both a hit and a great way to invite more brunchettes!

As one our last brunchette finished the race and was bestowed with her (AWESOME) medal that reitterates the immortal words of Spock “The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few“, the group headed toward Black Bear Diner to replenish the nutrients we lost while going warp speed. Black Bear is an old fashioned diner with amazing dishes for everyone.

The morning commenced with good food and talking about TV shows we wish to bring back, movies that don’t need to be remade and the anticipation for a potential meet up after the next 5k… that is Harry Potter Themed.

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