GGB Raleigh’s Digimon Brunch

GGB Raleigh’s Digimon Brunch

Hello Brunchettes!

We here at GGB Raleigh had a pretty fun Pokemon brunch last year. It included origami, fun swag, and treats from our ladies.

April brought us the brunch of the rival camp: DIGIMON

Officer Kathryn has always been a pretty big Digimon fan (Gabumon for the win!) and decided to share that love with the ladies in Raleigh. Each lady claimed their favorite Digimon and Digi-Destined and we chatted about Tri and 90s-2000s anime.

The Food!

We had brunch at a very cute brunch/gift shop called Zest Cafe and Home Art that was filled with wonder and fun! Brunch was delicious and we all got to enjoy something different. We spent a good bit of time after brunch walking around and found something fun items to be possible Mother’s Day gifts. The shark attack cookie cutters were a huge hit with our ladies.


The Swag

We were very lucky this last month to have 2 great Etsy shop support us with some fun stuff to share our love on Digimon with.

FunMono714 Decals
FunMono714 Decals

FunMono714 has some of the cutest minimalist car decals on etsy and they sent us some super cute DigiDestined car decals from the original series and then new Digimon Tri!




IMG_1416 They were also super amazing and sent us an exclusive Digimon print that isn’t even available in their store! This beautiful 3D framed poster art was set up as our raffle and went home with a VERY happy Digimon fan! Even people who don’t know the show love the 3D feel.

We thank Funmono for their amazing help! They have a bunch of different decals and keychains in their store that keep up their great minimalist designs.



We also thank ImpulseButtons for providing buttons for each DigiDestined in original series and from Tri! Each brunchette picked a crest and got buttons to match to show off their Digimon Pride! I have gotten many compliments on my buttons and car decal since putting it up!










We hope to see all you ladies for our next brunch!!

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