GGB Denton: Blind Date with a Book, #GGBDoBetter Brunch

GGB Denton: Blind Date with a Book, #GGBDoBetter Brunch

We are off to a whirlwind start, just like your favorite romance novel! Only the second meeting for the GGB Denton chapter, we had an astounding 39 ladies arrive at our awesome venue site, The Abbey Underground, to exchange books wrapped in mixed paper packages, all tied up with string, just a few of our new favorite things! Our ladies also voted on Facebook for our bookmark party favor quote. The most liked quote was: “She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.” by Annie Dillard. The ladies got to decorate their bookmarks with ribbons and charms, and color the scene on the back (a stack of books of course) as they wished.

After a buffet a-plenty from The Abbey Inn and lovely cocktails from our bartender Will, we ladies got down to the most exciting part, the blind dates with possibly the new favorites of our lives. Officer Seana got a little Seussical with her rhyming, and we all got to collect our newest finds with great suspense and excitement. Did you get a new murder mystery, thriller, sci fi adventure, or contemporary western? Tell us below! Our ladies will be posting their reviews to our Facebook page as they delve into their recent dates.

We must exchange our dates for another!
We must exchange our dates for another!

“Number 15 how do you do?

There should be a fit up there for you.

So pick one out without delay.

Now trade with someone wearing gray.”

measuring our longest hairs for book rhymes!
Measuring our longest hairs for book rhymes!

“Now #19, if you’ll be so bold.

Find a book that fits your mold.

When you’ve chosen, we must be fair,

Trade with whoever has the longest hair.”

In the end, our ladies behaved like kids on Christmas morning, eagerly and impatiently waiting to tear the paper off and see what fun new book they received. Our cheery group cheesed for the camera with their newest finds.

Our wonderful 39 ladies and their books!
Our wonderful 39 ladies and their books!

Raffle winners are as followed:

Winner of HPB bag & extra book!
Winner of HPB bag & extra blind date!
HPB winner 2
Winner of a HPB bag & extra blind date!
DSC_0285 (Medium)
Winner of fun book jewellery, necklace and earrings of classic tales!
DSC_0286 (Medium)
Second winner of classic story jewellery, the romance collection!
DSC_0287 (Medium)
Winner of a specially crafted bookmark sporting our chapter name and the winning quote!


DSC_0288 (Medium)
First winner of the Recycled Books $25 gift certificate, our local secondhand bookshop!
DSC_0289 (Medium)
Second winner of our $25 Recycled Books local secondhand bookshop gift certificate!

Thanks for our donated raffle prize folks: jewellery crafter Officer Seana, Officer Victoria, Veldany Creations:, & Recycled Books!

We’ve included some fun book themed photobooth snaps to show how much fun we really did have, discussing favorites, and of course, that books > their movies!DSC_0290 (Medium)DSC_0295 (Medium)

DSC_0299 (Medium)DSC_0302 (Medium)

Now one of the coolest things about this brunch is that we made this a #GGBDoBetter Brunch, participating in the idea that Geek Girls can give back, and do life better for others. We ran a hygiene drive for local charity, Denton County Friends of the Family, a women’s & children safe shelter. We collaborated with Volunteer Coordinator, Alicia Froidl, a local geek herself and new member of our GGB Denton Chapter! When all was said and done the drive collected 4 baskets full of shampoos, toiletries, body washes, toothpastes, assorted personal care items and feminine supplies (over 100 items!). Great job geeks!!

Last but not least, the next theme is June 18th, Dr Who. So all you Dentonites with Tardis dreams, come on out to our brunch at the Greenhouse!

DSC_0305 (Medium)
Thanks to Alicia for being one of the coolest, nerdiest, geekiest Coordinators with a cause! Can’t wait to see you next brunch for Dr Who!!
DSC_0308 (Medium)
Donation pass off! (L-R) Alicia, Officers Victoria, Taylor, Florisa, & Seana

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