GGB South Florida: Marvel Picnic

GGB South Florida: Marvel Picnic


Geek Girl Brunch South Florida realized we had not yet had a brunch that centered around comics or superheroes. What! Impossible and unbelievable. We decided to remedy that by hosting an open potluck picnic for every single one of our 200+ members. A shelter was rented right by the water on Hollywood Beach and all the girls in attendance brought fun drinks, eats and snacks.


Some highlights were beautiful Marvel cookies, Captain America ring pop Jello shots and a Cap themed bundt cake! Everything was absolutely delicious and it was such a nice change of pace to sit back, relax and just enjoy everyone’s company.


We were also interviewed by Fusion for an upcoming feature on our chapter, which is amazing! Once it goes live, we’ll make sure to share with you all here on the blog. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Korka Comics sponsored the picnic and provided us all with some pretty epic swag bags filled with amazing Marvel comics. Even the owner, Steve, stopped by to host Marvel-themed trivia and surprised the winners with different Star Wars Pop! figures. I mean, how rad is that?


As usual, our girls came sporting some amazing outfits. Some were just celebrating those Marvel vibes, and others were rocking their best everyday cosplay. We were a little worried about the heat and humidity, but all our looks stayed in place thanks to the breeze and shade of the shelter. High five, Mother Nature!


And to make it even better, our girls made so much awesome food that we had a bunch leftover and were able to give it to a few women that were going to a church event. So, our event wasn’t only a brunch, but also a mini GGB Do Better. If you want to find out more about this Geek Girl Brunch led movement, click here.

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