Amok Time for Brunch – St. Louis Metro

Amok Time for Brunch – St. Louis Metro

Space…the final frontier… Those words are known by all the geeks in the universe (Star Trek fans or not!) So we decided that our May brunch was going to celebrate the awesomeness of all things Star Trek! Our “Amok Time” for Brunch was a huge success with eleven ladies attending including several first timers.13221659_10100273707260972_3120427022493876468_n

We held our brunch at a St. Louis favorite called Rooster. It is very well known in the city as having some the of the best crepes in the area. And the food did not disappoint!

With Finnish Pancakes and Three Cheese Crepes in front of us, our conversations abounded into the world of Star Trek. As any true fan knows, their favorite series is CLEARLY the best, and this can always cause just a little bit of debate! Some ladies are on team Original Series, while others flock to the side of Will Riker (and that BEARD!)


Two of our officers presented awesome swag for the brunchettes in attendance – Starfleet pins and Next Generation greeting cards! It was very interesting to see which ladies picked up which branch within Starfleet. Me personally? I’m in the science section, having been a nurse for a few years. But many others immediately reached for the yellow of the security forces. Of course, Original Series fans shied away from anything red, while Next Generation lovers knew there was no harm in the color!

Over coffee and mimosas, we talked about Game of Thrones, Spiderman reboots, the upcoming (at the time) Warcraft, what games we play to pass the time, and the best ways to beat someone in Clash of Clans!

amok 1We are really looking forward to our June brunch which is Independence Day: Resurgence & Ice Cream! It will be our first movie as a group and we hope the turnout is amazing!

As always, we had a great time and really enjoyed spending the mornings with each other. It is very nice to be around ladies of a like mind who are free from judgment, because after all, being different is what makes us so awesome!

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