GGB Boston Gets Comical

GGB Boston Gets Comical

Geek Girl Brunch Boston gets comical!

While there may be some tension among friends in the debate on Team Cap vs. Team Iron Man, hostility certainly wasn’t the theme at Geek Girl Brunch Boston’s Marvel vs. DC event last month. On May 22, a group gathered at the Five Horses Tavern for some good drinks, food and lively discussion.


To set the mood, brunchettes got a host of masks, temporary tattoos and decorative pins to choose from. While some decided to use these to pledge their allegiance for their respective universes, others just went for the decoration.

Decked out in our geek gear, we settled down to a full menu of brunch options — from all sorts of eggs to a true assortment of lunch fare. Available to brunchettes was pizza, sandwiches and classic brunch cocktails.

Once coffee and tea began to hit the table, the discussion opened up around the latest TV shows we’ve been watching, general thoughts on the upcoming Civil War movie and some of the latest events happening in the sci-fi world. Of course, old favorites (such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings) did surface throughout the morning.


With full stomachs, the big event for this get together was a raffle with some items donated from Comicazi! Our officer Heather also brought along a few crafted pieces, such as an apron and a Captain America suitcase. One by one, we parted with our stash of comic goodies, which ranged from a Spider-Man Art compendium, a Marvel comic collective, a few indie offerings and an Avengers suitcase. This extra swag made the brunch swag a little more cooler for all attendees.

This brunch also marked the beginning of our Boston chapter’s new officers — Heather, Victoria and Jess — taking the helm! With former officer Blair helping out, it certainly gave a good opportunity to learn the ropes a little bit and start planning ideas for our next event.

After the check was paid and all beverages were finished, some of the girls decided to check out our sponsor Comicazi across the street and peruse the extensive shelves of comics, collectibles and nerdy items. While others shopped, the officers continued the brainstorming process and pondered what upcoming themes to host for the summer.


It seems that even with a potentially divided theme, this event was centered around a few things — geekery, comics and good food!

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