GGB Pittsburgh Mother of Dragons Dinner

GGB Pittsburgh Mother of Dragons Dinner

With the return of one of our favorite TV shows, we gathered for our second dinner at The Map Room in the Regent Square neighborhood of the Burgh. This area is just a delight to spend time in, so much so that some Brunchettes decided to stay after dinner for another drink at the neighboring D’s Six Pack & Dogz (hilarious name, excellent beer selection and some of the best hot dogs and fries around, not to mention an incredible staff).

We had many new faces join us in May, and we were so excited to discuss the Mother of Dragons and some of our other beloved characters in Game of Thrones. Brunchettes were separated by house at the table by drawing sticks with names on them. This way we were able to mix returning Brunchettes with new-comers and enjoy some new conversation about GoT! So many critical theories and plot lines were discussed, such as the true fate of John Snow, where Robert Baratheon’s bastard son is now (and for that matter, what’s happening with Bran and Rickon), and Officer Jocelyn’s theory about the Iron Throne and how it was forged in the flames of a certain dragon whose fire creates steel that kills White Walkers…look at all those shiny swords…ready to destroy some creepy zombie butt. We had lots to talk about, and out of every brunch (and dinner) we’ve had as a group, this one inspired the most conversation about the theme.


The Map Room is such a great place to spend time. They made us feel very welcome, their drink list and custom cocktails are incredible, and their food is excellent. The atmosphere is nothing short of cozy, and the maps painted on the walls give it a unique feel. Goodies for Brunchettes included handmade decorative dragon’s eggs, made by the officers using foam eggs, thumb tacks, and nail polishes of all different colors. We also gave out vinyl dire wolf stickers from Etsy and held another raffle that included several Game of Thrones Pop figures, two beautiful necklaces, and a change purse.

This was one of our best get-togethers yet, and the recent growth of our group was very noticeable with so many new Brunchettes in attendance which made us all very happy. This group of women continues to amaze and delight us! Thank you to The Map Room for hosting such a rowdy group of ladies, and thank you to the other customers at the bar trying to watch the Pens game (go Pens!) for putting up with our loud nerdy discussion! Thank you to D’s for being so incredibly cool, and to the Burgh for always accepting and promoting us, and to HQ for all their support. And of course, thank you to our Brunchettes, new and old.

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