GGB Twin Cities: Star Wars Brunch

GGB Twin Cities: Star Wars Brunch

April Star Wars Brunch

The force was strong in the Twin Cities as we gathered for our eagerly anticipated April Star Wars brunch at the 7th Street Social in Saint Paul.    It was a new venue for all of us, but had a tasty menu including sofrito skillets, biscuits & gravy, and chicken & waffles.  Hopefully, it was to be our first patio brunch, but the dark side conspired for it to be a rainy day.


Before our food arrived we had stickers to color and puzzles to assemble.  All Star Wars, of course.  Many regular brunchettes were in attendance, so we caught up with one another before dissecting some of the finer points of Star Wars lore and regulation Leia bun formation needed to be part of the top echelon of Star Wars cosplay groups.

4 (1) 1

We were hoping to watch The Force Awakens, but most of the brunchettes had already seen it – of course! and more than once!  Most of us appreciated the back the roots storyline and the increase of female representation (Rey is pretty awesome!) in the new movie.  At the end, we had a Leia bun off and prizes for best costume which included a Darth Vader nightlight.  Who doesn’t need one of those?


Thanks to Andrea Polk for taking amazing photos again!

May the Fourth Happy Hours

Since Star Wars is super rad and our brunches have been filling up so fast, we decided to have a non-brunch event for some of the new members to be able to attend right away and get to know some of the regulars too!  Naturally we had to have a happy hour on May the 4th.


We took over JetSet in the Warehouse District of Downtown Minneapolis and sipped on cocktails while talking about how emo Kylo Ren is.  There was an initially scary talking Kylo Ren helmet (above) that we passed around until it became hilarious.  No light saber battles ensued.

IMG_2266Most of the group left after happy hour because it was a week night, but several of us went to Transmission at Club Jäger.  We sat on the patio and drank mystery punches and fortified ourselves so we could dance to Siouxie, Björk, Kate Bush, Men at Work and Depeche Mode.  We might have another girls night out dance night out on the weekend!

Check out our meetup page and Facebook for future events.  May the force be with you!

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