GGB Indianapolis Book Store Day Brunch

GGB Indianapolis Book Store Day Brunch
Geek Girl Brunch Indianapolis is back!  After an incident with a time machine left us scrambling with an extended absence, we returned with a stylish reentrance.  Don’t we look dashing?  We are certainly ready for adventure.


Saturday, April 30 was Independent Book Store Day.  Our festivities were embodied by the wonderful, Kickstarted venue of choice, Books N Brews on Indy’s northeast side.


20160430_130033A welcome sign of “Books in the front, beer in the back” made an immediate claim: there’s hardly a more welcoming place to eat, drink and be geeky.  The front room – a working library and book store – set the tone of the day.  Browsing and merrymaking ensued, plus at least a bit of minor squeeing at the video game console station.  Madden ’95 anyone?  Perhaps a bit of Sega?


With weekly in-house movie screenings, live music, trivia and board game tournaments… We already had plenty of reasons to return (Join us when we do – or send your best behaved clones!).




Making our way to the back, we rounded up some hearty wooden tables and benches and spread out for a delightful book swap.  Valerie’s homemade bookmarks (including lovingly snipped vintage post cards, carefully arranged double ribbons and an ingenious use of hair ties) were a hit.  Copies of A Streetcar Named Desire, For Whom The Bell Tolls and Jurassic Park were eyed, among others.


We welcomed new members Cait and Indy with book related topics ranging from “most times read” to “best movie adaptations” – as well as non book related topics like the PokéRap and genetic engineering.  An impromptu dance party even broke out as the wait staff provided a soundtrack.



We can neither confirm nor deny Valerie got her groove on.


OK, we can confirm it.



20160430_120127Over fancy grilled cheeses, open faced bites, locally brewed beverages and sodie pop, we made fast friends over (as always) The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.  Even our server, Claire, got in on the act, sporting a GGB Indy pin on her dutifully worn hat.



After much love and conversation, we raked in some early RSVPs for our next event and looked to a possible informal meet-up before next month’s Indy Pop Con.20160430_125657


Wherever the wormhole lands us, GGB Indy prevails with the power of friendship – and dilithium crystals, but mostly friendship.

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