St. Louis Metro “A Brunch of Ice and Fire”

St. Louis Metro “A Brunch of Ice and Fire”

Game of Thrones is back ladies! Everyone is ready and waiting to see what season 6 will bring us. Is revenge worth losing sight for? What does the future have in store for Sansa and Theon? Who can our Khaleesi trust?


We Geek Girls of Saint Louis touched on this and more at “A Brunch of Ice and Fire”! We chose Fletchers Kitchen & Tap, a dimly lit restaurant with an almost a Inn-like atmosphere, giving us the perfect Westeros ambiance. With a full bar, thorough menu, and great service, we were all were able to eat, drink, and be merry, as if we were dining in Kings Landing itself. Our Officer Casey brought an epic Game of Thrones coloring book, and while we wined and dined, we colored our favorite dragon eggs, hero’s/villains, castles, and more. We talked about our favorite characters, all the amazing fan theories, and which characters we secretly loved, or which ones we hoped George R.R. Martin would kill off.



To make up our ice – a Blue Hawaiin cocktail, and to make up our fire – a Shirley Temple!  There were also a few White [Walker] Russians involved!


After enjoying some delicious meals, we talked about our absolute favorite fandoms.  A questionnaire on our Facebook page nearly had ladies in tears trying to decide which THREE fandoms they had to stay loyal to! We also discussed the new app “Nerd Out!” which helps you find awesome nerdy events in your area.

Conversations abounded as we mulled over what our next themes should be and we officers  had a fun time hinting at our next #GGBDoBetter event coming up in July!  As always, it was a fun brunch with some awesome Geekettes!  Stay tuned for our next brunch, “Amok Time for Brunch” – a Star Trek journey where no [wo]man has gone before!

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