GGB South Florida: Skate Party!

GGB South Florida: Skate Party!


It’s pretty incredible to believe, but Geek Girl Brunch South Florida has been around for one year! When we started this journey last year, Aurora, Elsie and I had no idea that it would be the amazing success it is today. Never in our wildest dreams did we expect to have over 200 members, a spread in the Miami Herald and opportunities to meet and greet with celebrities. But probably the most significant aspect of GGB has been the fantastic friendships and bonds we have formed as a group. We have helped other geeky ladies find “their people,” and there is really nothing better than finding a squad that believes in and empowers you. So we knew we had to celebrate and wanted to do something special!


That something was a throwback skate party – like those of our younger years at Super Wheels Miami! We made it a Disney theme, and our members totally ran with it. Everyone was a great sport and donned a pair of roller skates – even if they never had before! Aside from skating, cheap beers and laughs, we also had some great giveaway items from some pretty spectacular sponsors.


Match Accessories provided us with a wooden gothic D Litewood brooch, while FemmeDeBloom sent over both a Mickey Mouse love inspired brooch and a retro castle brooch for our ladies to win. They were a total hit and the lucky ladies were so excited with their new flair.

Overall, it was an amazing night, and we can’t wait to celebrate many more years of hosting fun events for the geeky girls of South Florida!

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