GGB St. Louis Metro “Always”

GGB St. Louis Metro “Always”

February 21, 2016 – a generically normal day. But this year, it is a day that has been given a slightly higher importance to geeks like us. This day would have been Alan Rickman’s 70th birthday, had he been able to bless us that long. After hearing of his passing, all the geeks we know started looking back at all their favorite roles of Alan’s. Was your favorite his devilishly deviant Hans Gruber? Was your favorite his Shakespearean portrayal of Alexander Dane? His love-able yet despicable Harry? Or perhaps his straight evil Elliott Marston? Of course, it may have been Severus Snape, the one of the most misunderstood characters in fictional history. All of these roles, he made his own and we loved every one of them.


In honor of his passing, the Hogwart’s Running Club set up another anywhere run to be held on his birthday – the “Always” 3.94 Mile Memorial Run. And before you ask, remember what page Snape asked his students to turn to when subbing for Lupin… The money raised from this event is going to DebateMate, one of Alan’s beloved charities. It is a UK based group that creates future leaders with compassion, empathy, and confidence through the power of debate, helping children in poor areas of the UK, Nepal, Jamaica, and around the world. The ladies of the St. Louis Metro chapter of Geek Girl Brunch met at a walking trail and headed off in the perfect weather to start their 3.94 mile walk. The weather was perfect, the sky blue, and the conversation geeky enough to keep everyone happy. After we all finished, we went off to our brunch location, Zapata’s, for some well deserved Mexican fare. There, we discussed themes for future events, Marvel versus DC, the local and non local cons (two new members of the group travelled down to the New Orleans con, saw the GGB New Orleans table, and were ecstatic to find there was our local chapter for them to join!). Over chimichangas and cool lemonade, we talked about games we can’t get enough of, Doctor Who wallets, and the fact that everyone needs a superhero onesie! We are very excited for our March brunch which will be in St. Louis and is to be announced!

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