GGB Reno’s April Superhero Brunch

GGB Reno’s April Superhero Brunch

The Reno Chapter of Geek Girl Brunch kicked off its first springtime 2016 brunch meetup on Saturday, April 17th, once again opting for the delicious food and drinks at the Stone House Cafe. We totaled 10 geeky attendees (at least 5 first timers!) and started things off by introducing ourselves, our (current) fandom obsessions, and our favorite superhero (and why). Fandoms included a wide range of genres, including Being Human UK, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and a variety of comics and books. Favorite superheroes were Aquaman (Carol love Jason Momoa!), Captain America, XMen, and Iron Man, but Batman “won” the day with the most picks. Because “Always Be Batman.”

Always be Batman

Cate’s drink impressed – a towering Bloody Mary made with bacon vodka and bacon strips (!), and while there were a few other brunch cocktails, most opted for caffeine. The food as always was superb, and even if the sun was uncomfortably beating down on some of the girls during the meeting, the staff was friendly as always and hooked us up with some umbrella shades.

In keeping with the Superhero theme, we discussed Batman vs. Superman, and most agreed that we didn’t think it was “that bad.” Most of us liked Wonder Woman at least! We also discussed trailers for the upcoming Doctor Strange and Suicide Squad. Feelings were mixed, and there was some confusion about who Doctor Strange even was! There was no question, though, about who Benedict Cumberbatch was, and that he is awesome…We discussed which Harry Potter house we belonged to, got onto a big tangent about theater musicals, various board games, Lord of the Rings, and comics. The biggest topic was probably geek TV, which led to animated conversations throughout the brunch about SyFy channel shows, DC shows, Once Upon a Time, Jessica Jones/Daredevil, and Vanessa’s guilty pleasure – The 100. Some of the girls are parents, and discussed (with pride!) how our little ones are becoming the new generation of geeklings.

April Brunch Group 4.17.16

All in all, it was another successful and fun meetup. Most of us expressed excitement about spending time with other girls who share a love for all things geek. One of the greatest things about being geeks is being able to share such a passionate love and enthusiasm for our fandoms with others who feel the same way. We could spend days and days talking and, yes, sometimes “fangirling” over our favorite things. But for now, we are content to look forward to next month’s brunch, and hopefully growing our Reno chapter to include even more awesome geek girls! If you’re in Reno and not already a member, check out and like our Facebook Page and sign up on the Geek Girl Brunch website so you can geek out with the rest of us next time!


Side note: The was the first brunch since the officer torch was passed from Katie and Jessica to Erin and Vanessa. Thanks to Katie’s help, it went very smoothly, and we are excited to bring even more girls together for future geeky events!

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