GGB Pittsburgh Batman vs. Superman Brunch

GGB Pittsburgh Batman vs. Superman Brunch

In March we traveled to one of the coolest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh: Mount Washington. It is said to have gotten its name from George Washington himself, who stood on top of the mountain and got a good look at the view below and declared, “Yinz gotta nice place here!” No, that’s not quite it, but he did say something about controlling this vantage point during battle would be the key to all success and glory, and victory shall be ours in all things because Pittsburgh is awesome. Who could blame him, just look at that view (picture from Wikipedia)! It’s truly stunning and a great way to view the city in which Christopher Nolan filmed his incredible Batman trilogy. We GGB PGHers highly recommend visitors take a trip up the Duquesne Incline and spend an afternoon in Mount Washington, basking in this glory and enjoying the amazing restaurants in the area.

Speaking of which, we had the pleasure of meeting up at the Shiloh Grill this month to discuss Batman vs. Superman and all things DC Comics. Let me tell you, these guys can do a sausage and gravy like none other! Their brunch buffet is a thing of beauty. Along side the classics, they also have eggs benedict, macaroni and cheese, and delicious quiche. The buffet also comes with a fun cocktail: our choice of a frozen mimosa or a grey hound. So good.

Brunchettes had fun discussing the anticipated Suicide Squad and of course Batman vs. Superman. We latter had a special extra outing to go see and discuss the movie together. Frankly, we can’t wait for more of Wonder Woman! Our goodies this month were mostly donated to us by the local Century 3 Comics thanks to our wonderful Brunchette Shannon, who has some pretty great connections. We also raffled off a copy of The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore, which is an excellent book. We were also graced by the presence of our Littlest Brunchette yet again, which is always a pleasure!

We had such a great time at the Shiloh Grill, exploring more of our city and feeling the super hero vibes all around us. Thank you to Shiloh Grill for hosting such a large and rowdy group of Brunchettes, thank you to Mount Washington for being so fricken majestic, thank you to the Burgh for all the love and GGB HQ for all the guidance, and most importantly, thank you to our wonderful Brunchettes who make every brunch and activity an incredible time.


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