Geek Girl Brunch St. Louis Metro- DC Comics Superhero’s

Geek Girl Brunch St. Louis Metro- DC Comics Superhero’s
Geek Girl Brunch-St Louis Metro headed to The Fountain on Locust in March to toast all things DC comics with some delicious ice cream martinis!
12910090_10100256982926672_1573143430_nThe Fountain is a St. Louis favorite, complete with hand-painted murals covering the walls and a gorgeous art-deco style. We highly recommend it if you’re ever in the area!
It was a beautiful day for a brunch, and we had a great turn out…including our very own Harley Quinn! One of our members brought Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman pins to share so we could all show some love to our favorite superheroes. We had quite a few super fun t shirts and outfits this month too!
12910250_10100256982936652_280039829_n12915178_10100256982906712_1635839003_oOnce we finally decided which drinks to try (The Fountain does not make it easy; their drink menu is seriously impressive) and placed our orders, the conversation quickly picked up. We talked about the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie, and how the mainstream popularity of our favorite geekdoms can be both a good thing and a bad thing. We all decided the world needs more geeks, but we’ll always know we were here first
We also chatted about St Louis and all the rad places to check out and visit in our fun city, and one member shared a slightly embarrassing Valentine’s story involving her husband hahaha!
With bellies full of yummy cocktails and delicious soup and sandwiches, we settled on a theme for next month and said farewell. We all really look forward to these little escapes from reality each month, and are very much anticipating April’s A Brunch of Ice & Fire!

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