GGB Fort Collins – DC Comics Brunch

GGB Fort Collins – DC Comics Brunch

For our second brunch (ever), we chose a mutual favorite among our officers: DC Comics! Celebrating all the amazing and empowered women that grace the covers of our favorite comics, films, television, etc. brought out a much larger gathering for our group than our first brunch. And we could not have been more pleased! GGB Officers Sarah and Jaclyn dressed in “casual cosplay” as besties Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy for the occasion.

group photo
A photo of our lovely group!

We chose local restaurant the Blue Agave, which was generous in making accommodations for our gathering. Most notably our server had a Batman tattoo – so all the ladies took to calling him “Batman” the rest of the brunch. We adorned each place setting with a take-home DC comics charm.

Our server, Batman, during icebreakers!

As the guests arrived, we provided name tags for everyone and requested that each lady write her first name and one of her favorite fandoms (picking just one is SO HARD).  It was a great ice breaker as we waited for the final stragglers to arrive.

To start our event we played a game of DC Comics Trivia and the winner received her choice of 1 of 3 signed art prints from comic artist Tom Nguyen. Kristi, a Wonder Woman fanatic, naturally chose her favorite Justice League Lady. Sadly no one was able to answer the bonus question: Recite the Green Lantern Oath. However we always encourage “funny” answers and our favorite was: “Wonder Woman is great, Wonder Woman is awesome, Green Lantern is probably great, go go gadget green!” COMEDY.

Officer Sarah, announcing the trivia!

Following our trivia game, we played a somewhat made-up game that we called “Scene It”. A-la the board game by the same name, we selected 12-14 DC comic book ladies and wrote out 3 clues about their character, each clue progressively easier. The first girl to guess the correct character won the card. The geek girl with the most cards at the end won. And our lovely Dakota won by a landslide! Comic expert, to say the least. She chose the Supergirl art print to take home.

A riveting game of SceneIt!

After brunch we decided to take some group photos as we had to document all the fabulous cosplay! And finally we announced the winner of the raffle and the Superman art print: Harmony.

We absolutely loved our second brunch and the way our community continues to grow. Thank you everyone for supporting us and we can’t wait to see you at the next one!

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