GGB Cleveland – Heroes vs. Villains Brunch!

GGB Cleveland – Heroes vs. Villains Brunch!

From all over, heroes, villains, and their fans descended on Yardhouse in Westlake, OH for Cleveland’s second brunch! After everyone settled into their seats and discussed their favorite hero or villain, we played an icebreaker designed by one of the officers. It involved each brunchette randomly picking a hero and a villain from a bag, and deciding who would win in a battle. Many girls drew Black Widow, and everyone concluded that she would win most fights.

The cocktails were flowing and we finally had our first mimosa! The food was eclectic and tasty – brunchettes enjoyed pasta, vegan chicken fingers and fries, orange chicken, and s’mores for dessert. Felix and Megan were our servers, and they did a spectacular job taking care of us. They were happy to provide separate checks for our girls, and they even assisted a few of us who had to depart early with the speedy accuracy of the Flash.

We had some amazing themed swag for this brunch, which we ended up raffling to two lucky girls. Brunchette Jill donated a lot of swag to our chapter again, and we thank her so much for her generosity!

A sith, Harley Quinn, Black Widow, and Maleficent

Some of the brunchettes dressed up as their favorite heroes and villains, such as Harley Quinn and Black Widow, and this sparked an intense discussion about cosplay in general. We found out that some of our members are very crafty and are in the midst of detailed sewing projects. One brunchette is even working on a Rebel pilot suit, and is hoping to wear it to a future Star Wars themed brunch!

Neko Atsume was a hot topic amongst the brunchettes again, as well as makeup products and techniques. We have quite a few makeup enthusiasts in our chapter, and some of the girls planned an impromptu trip to a nearby Sephora after brunch. Our resident makeup experts helped their fellow brunchettes pick out some must-have products, including lipstick and concealer. All in all, another successful brunch is in the books for the Cleveland chapter. The officers are currently gearing up for our April brunch, which will be at Happy Dog at Euclid Tavern. If you’re in the Cleveland area and would like to know more about us, visit our chapter page and join us for a brunch sometime!

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