GGB Twin Cities: Hogwarts Brunch

GGB Twin Cities: Hogwarts Brunch

Accio mimosa!

In January, Twin Cites GGB hosted a packed brunch at Wilde Roast Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota celebrating the magical world of Harry Potter and creme brulee french toast! The Wilde Roast Cafe also has literary ties as it is named after Oscar Wilde, the 19th century playwright. Whether garbed in house colors or dressed more simply as muggles, brunchettes gathered to discuss all things Hogwarts, escape the winter for a couple hours, and sip on coffee.


Despite all houses being present, things only became heated in the name of Harry Potter movie trivia with prizes.  There were many new faces at brunch and some massive Harry Potter fans to boot which increased the stakes and banter over obscure Potter lore. Patronus charms and various potions were exchanged.

We learned that house robes from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando are beautiful, but would require a hefty withdrawal from Gringotts.  General consensus was that Pottermore has lost its luster since most of the interactive features went away.  And although the Wilde Roast didn’t serve butterbeer or firewhisky we made due with mimosas and other muggle cocktails.

Over delicious food, we chatted about HP fanfic, aviation, and other fantasy novels. Some of the brunchettes also made plans to play D&D together. Mischief managed!

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