GGBNOLA — Rep Your Fandom!

GGBNOLA — Rep Your Fandom!

We decided upon Rep Your Fandom as our first brunch’s theme.  We knew a lot of like-minded strangers were meeting for the first time, but geeky passion brings us all together!  As a brand-new chapter, GGBNOLA officers were pretty worried about making a great impression… after all, New Orleans is known for its eccentricity!  Jessica stayed up late making the cutest little swag bags for our founding members, and we did plenty of advertising via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

RepYourFandom bags

Rep Your Fandom was at Salu Bistro on Magazine Street… the restaurant is really conveniently located, and is great for larger groups. Robyn and Dom arrived early to sprinkle good cheer (in the form of geek confetti), and Jessica followed up with gifts for our raffle!

RepYourFandom setup

Our lovely ladies definitely came out to rep the fandoms they love — Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Sailor Moon, and Power Rangers were all proudly displayed.  Though it was the first time many of our members met, the vibe was one of old friends chatting about awesomeness.  Santa Claus even crashed the brunch for a photo op! We think he secretly wanted to become a Brunchette. 🙂

Salu was an amazing restaurant in which to host our inaugural brunch.  Their bottomless breakfast beverages (mimosas, Bloody Mary, screwdriver, or Pimm’s Cup) definitely added fuel to the conversation!  Additionally, the manager on duty gave us special holiday shots on the house.

We did our first-ever raffle!  As ladies arrived to the event, names were written on the back of tickets and dropped into a TARDIS mug (makes sense, right?), and we did our drawing towards the end of our meal.  One prize was Star Wars themed makeup, and the other was an ornament and wine.  As you can see, our Brunchettes were pretty excited!

Our first brunch was a huge success, and we can’t wait to see our Brunchettes in January!

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