GGB Kansas City Gets Their Game On!

GGB Kansas City Gets Their Game On!

To kick off the new year, the Kansas City chapter of Geek Girl Brunch broke out the tabletop games for a “Get Your Game On!” themed brunch. Our fourth brunch was hosted on January 16th at a local community center, which allowed us use of a full kitchen and wide open space perfect for gaming table setup. Thirteen Brunchettes brought a wide variety of potluck items to share, from Crockpot Caramel Apple French Toast Bake, to handcrafted cherry limeade cupcakes, to 7 Layer and Buffalo Chicken dips.

Cherry limeade cupcakes

We feasted as we gathered, and conversation was lively. As several Brunchettes were wearing Doctor Who gear, discussion of course turned that way, and several fans offered counsel on where to best start the series (consensus: “Blink,” with a few votes for “The Empty Child.”)

We kicked things off with a flurry of door prizes. Each person put their name on blank Cards Against Humanity cards and dropped their names into the pool, which had enough prizes for each person to get at least one prize! Prizes varied from a Harry Potter luggage tag, to game-related necklaces and keychains, to a bow tie with 20-sided dice.

After that, we settled in for some card games. One table played Cards Against Humanity, and the other played Superfight. Hilarity ensued as both tables rang out with absurd and irreverent scenarios, commentary, and asides. To say that these games were perfect for our crowd would be an understatement.

Geek Girl Brunch-Kansas City winning Cards Against Humanity combos

Some overhead comments:

  • “I do enjoy Mexican tar heroin.”
  • “…Keanu Reeves leading a team of velociraptors…”
  • “You’re wearing a robotic exoskeleton!”
  • “How could tribbles kills a giant robot samurai?”
  • “…baby Jack Bauer…”
  • “It turned into a volley of cows at the Secret Service.”

As the event started winding down, conversation turned to future events, including talk of attending the Deadpool premiere (it’s the perfect Galentine’s movie, don’t you know), and meetups for upcoming cons. GGB-KC is looking forward to a great year!

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