GGB Fort Collins – The Brunch Is Out There!

GGB Fort Collins – The Brunch Is Out There!
Our spread at Jay’s Bistro

For our very first chapter brunch, we focused on the rekindling of the flawless Gillian Anderson and the delightfully weird David Duchovny in the upcoming revitalization of X-Files. We chose Jay’s Bistro as our first venue, due to the words “bottomless mimosas” being combined on their menu. But really though, Jay’s has a lovely atmosphere and graciously gave us their entire banquet room for our brunch. We had a terrific experience, and they even made us an X-Files themed drink – a green mimosa that we titled “The Dana Scully.”

The Dana Scully

Everyone arrived promptly and dove into conversation. For our ice breaker, we decided to have everyone make and wear tin foil hats, in case the government was listening, and then tell us their top three geeky favorites. After all of us listed more than three, we determined our next brunch would have to include our second three favorites. We took photos of everyone’s various hat creations, and they are in the gallery below.

After our tin foil adventures, we raffled off the framed poster from Mulder’s office. One of the officers, Jaclyn, won the poster, and promptly jumped up and down for approximately 30 seconds while screaming “I won I won I won I won!” Afterwards, Sarah went on a 15 minute rant about the Power Rangers and how much she loves them, much to her partial embarrassment and to the delight of everyone else in the room.

Officer Sarah, Holding the Coveted                   Raffle Item

For our first brunch favors, we custom-ordered green apple alien lollipops that had stickers on the back that said: “Geek Girl Brunch Fort Collins – January 2016.” Additionally, we ordered some UFO charms that brandished the famous phrase, ‘I want to believe.’ We tied the charms to the lollipops with some thin green ribbon and they looked super cute!

Our Adorable Lollipop Favors

All in all, our first brunch was a great success. We can’t wait to recruit more geeky ladies to join our cause, and we can’t thank our current ones enough!


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