GGB DC: Doctor Who Brunch

GGB DC: Doctor Who Brunch

Our first year as Geek Girl Brunch DC was finally winding down and we’ve had some great brunches, made some good friends, ate delicious food, and had some amazing drinks! We’ve been able to explore the city together, going to places and doing things we’ve never been able to before. We had just enough time in the year to do one more brunch so we decided to go out with a bang! Or a whistle? A woop? Well, we decided to go out with however you say the Tardis noise! That’s right, our final brunch was the highly anticipated Doctor Who Brunch!


Where in DC could we find such a perfect place to hold brunch? We searched high, low, and everywhere in between until we found the lovely Elephant and Castle on Pennsylvania Avenue. It was an obvious choice for our DW brunch right from the start. The pictures we saw online made it seem right out of the UK, and we were even told that there would be a football game (soccer for us Americans) happening when we were there! The staff was friendly, got to know us, refreshed their DW knowledge, and was ready for us right from the start.

12226972_1649806415269867_5956116203001172789_nUpon entering, we were seated right away and greeted by our eager servers. Quite a few of us started out with some delicious drinks while waiting for our fellow brunchettes to join us. A old time favorite, the mimosa, was a hit among us but quite a few of us also got the coffee with Bailey’s. We chatted up a storm as geek girls dressed in everything from a Tardis dress to Loki himself came flooding in. Once we were all settled, drinks refilled, and geek hearts united, we got down to business: what to eat?!

The menu at Elephant and Castl12249646_1649806261936549_8219454264798029011_ne was rather accommodating to all tastes and needs. A highly popular choice was the Steak and Eggs
which came with eggs, a heavenly steak, toast, and potatoes just to make sure you didn’t leave hungry! Another popular choice was the Brunch Poutine. It wasn’t as big a plate as the Steak and Eggs, but it was just the right amount of potatoes, cheese curd, gravy, and scallions to fill up any timey wimey traveler for the next adventure.


We sat around for a good, long time, some of us catching up with each other, some of us meeting for the first time, but all of us were enjoying each other’s company. We got caught up in the football game, cheered for whoever was on the screen, made friends with the other tables, and even the staff. The entire event was a wonderful way for DC to end our first year of brunching!

We hope you’ve already made plans to join us for our first brunch of 2016 where we revisit where it all started!12274359_10100114561570138_5859050054275678007_n

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