GGB St. Louis Metro Brunch it Up, Fuzzball!

GGB St. Louis Metro Brunch it Up, Fuzzball!

The St. Louis Chapter of Geek Girl Brunch had our Star Wars Themed Brunch in December at Silver Creek Salon in Belleville, IL. It was a great place to kick back and unwind during such a crazy time due to the Holiday season. LINEBACKER-BADGE2

They had an awesome menu with foods ranging from Salads and Sandwiches to BBQ and Steaks. And we can’t forget some great drink choices! As we ate we discussed so many topics varying from games, shows, musicals and of course Star Wars. Our lovely ladies were so amazing they didn’t speak of any spoilers for those of us who weren’t able to see the movie before the brunch.

This was also our first brunch where we participated in GGBDoBetter and we decided to donate animal items to our local Animal Shelter at Belleville Humane Society. We received such an awesome amount of items and cash to donate. And we look forward to continue to participate in GGBDoBetter in the future!FullSizeRenderFor each item brought in by our brunchettes they received a raffle ticket to go towards being able to pick from some pretty cool items made by a few of our crafty brunchettes! We are super thankful for having so many generous crafty ladies in our chapter to be able to provide swag and raffle prizes for our brunchettes almost every month.FullSizeRender(1)

This was one of our best turn outs and we are gaining new members often. We are so excited seeing our chapter expand with some pretty amazing ladies!

At our brunch last month one of our members (Tiffany) who won the raffle was able to pick our January themed brunch, so she was excited to let us all know her choice and it was………Board Games!! We are looking forward to teaching or learning some new games and as always enjoy each others company!!


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