GGB San Antonio’s December Disney Brunch!

GGB San Antonio’s December Disney Brunch!


On December 6th, Geek Girl Brunch San Antonio met to celebrate their love of all things Disney from the magical movies to the made for tv shows, from the theme parks to the newly added Marvel Movies and Star Wars! We came together in a gleeful embrace of it all.

When there’s a smile in your heart, there’s no better time to start.

When the officers put their heads together for this brunch everyone knew where to turn for the best brunch and experience possible — San Antonio’s own renown The Magic Time Machine, known best for its costumed, in character staff, zany antics, amazing decor and dreamy drinks.

GGB Hosts

Our early reservations, also, had it so our girls would specifically be surrounded with Disney characters. Our delightful hosts and servers for the event were Captain Jack Sparrow and Princess Anna. Through the brunch we, also, saw Pocahontas (for many blanket antics), Princess Elsa (who sang a charming pop ditty riff with Anna for us) and before we left they got many pictures with a late-arrival Hon Solo, as well.

Brunch was a hilarious affair — with several colorful drinks bubbling away with dry ice, and much Rum courtesy of Jack — while the whole thig was done in character from loaves of bread pulled off Jack Sparrow’s blade to Anna constantly filling everyone with hope, cheer and love for all those around them.

When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are,
anything your heart desire will come to you.

GGB Swag

Every single month we are blown away by the inspirations and ingenuity of our women and what they bring to the table for these community created grab bags, and Disney was no different. There were pearler beaded Micky/Mini/Donald pins, an ornament from Lilo & Stitch, bottles of glitter, one even specifically from Peter Pan labeled Faith, trust and…’ There were Disney Princess fruit snacks, caramels and chocolates.

It was a glorious and rousing success all around!

You ain’t never had a friend like

Though it saddens out heart to ever part, the brunch did come to an end, also, in a flurry of laughter and smiles as we stole our hosts for photo’s, both for this write-up and simply for the fun of everyone having pictures with Anna, Jack, Elsa, and Han Solo (who we got just at the end, for an amazing array of fun).

As always, at the end of our brunches we gather for one big group shot, and said we see each other again in January for both Star Wars Brunch and the extra special GGB Pax South Event .

GGB DD All girls


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