Holiday Gift Guide for Star Wars Fans

Holiday Gift Guide for Star Wars Fans

It’s December, and you know what that means…. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is almost here! And also, the holiday season is upon us.

If you have a special someone in your life – be it a companion, friend or family – you want to make sure that you get them something that they will love. If that person is a Star Wars fan, tis the year to wow them on that special day!

There are a lot of Star Wars related item that have come out this year, which can be a bit overwhelming. Here is a nifty little guide to get them something that they will love, based on interest:

For the Fashionista:

Check out the new Her Universe line at Hot Topic.   The Darth Vader jacket has an amazing fit and feels fabulous. The minimal styling allows the jacket to blend with any look, but the small details – like the Galactic Empire symbol stitched in the back, and the red lining with Vader’s famous words – complete the nerd experience.

For those that do not struggle with the power of the Dark Side, check out the BB-8 Bomber Jacket and Boba Fett Bomber Jacket.

Price: $69.50


If varsity style jackets are more your speed, check out this amazing ‘Words Chewie’ Jacket. Inspired by 1950’s varsity jacket styles, you are sure to stand out in this unique jacket!


Check out the rest of the UrbanSpecies shop for other amazing jackets, leggings and T-Shirts.


Price: $69.75


For the Music Enthusiast:

Let them blast their music in style with their very own droid speaker. Think Geek’s R2D2 Bluetooth SpeakerPhone will allow them to listen to their music from their own personal droid. Not only that, it can also take calls and allow them to connect to others in style.

If that is not the droid they are looking for, and are more into spaceships check out these alternatives: Death Star Speaker, Tie Fighter & Star Destroyer.

Price: $49.9/9


For the Cooking Enthusiast:

The R2D2 Measuring Cup Set is the perfect Droid companion for your kitchen Jedi. This perfect companion will help them hone the power of the force, for a perfect bake.

Check out this awesome Death Star Cutting Board or Millennium Falcon Serving Platter for your more hostess sided friends.

Price: $19.99


Acknowledge their amazing skills in this   comfy sweater. They shall be the Darth Baker of all the lands.  The Lord Baker. Welcome to the Dark Side… we have cookies!

This design also comes in t-shirt form. Or check out this amazing apron.

Price: $35.00



For the Gamer:

No seriously. Get Battlefront. They will thank you. You get to explore new worlds, old worlds. Explore the galaxy. What more could you want?!


No other words. Get it!


Price: $59.99


For the Interior Designer:

Just like many of the props of the original trilogy, this clock is a recycled/repurposed creation. This clock is made from a single vinyl, and the details are sure to make any Star Wars fan happy.


Price: $34.95



Help them show their appreciation for the originals with a new minimalist style.       This print set will go perfectly in any home.


Price: $15.49


And if the sway more to the galactic empire… well this set is just for them.


Price: $40





For the Best Friend:

Because what better way to show your bestie that this is a partnership for like. A partnership that spans 6 movies, 2 different generations. A partnership better than Peanut Butter and Jelly. Show your best friend that there is no other droid you would want to travel the galaxy with. This necklace is just the gift.


Price: $30.70


Hope this holiday gift guide helps you out!

May the force be with you my friends!

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