2nd Annual Fan Girls Night Out Recap

2nd Annual Fan Girls Night Out Recap

Thank you for coming to Geek Girl Brunch’s 2nd Annual Fan Girls’ Night Out (FGNO) at New York Comic Con! It was an incredible party and we’re so happy to have hung out with all of you. We had so many Brunchettes and party goers attend that we SOLD. OUT. Incredible! The venue was Social Bar and Grill and it was full of geeks dancing, talking, laughing and having a great time winning incredible raffle prizes, eating Pokeball and Star Wars themed noms and going through the SUHWEET swag bags we gave way.

Of course, FGNO would never have happened without the support we got from our awesome Sponsors and we want to make sure we thank them straight away.


This year we had FGNO at Social Bar and Grill. We loved the multiple floors and outdoor spaces for you to all hang out in and we loved the staff even more! They even dressed up and cosplayed for the event!

Swagged Out

The first 50 guest were lucky enough to get the swag bag to rule all swag bags donated by our fantastic sponsors, Forbidden Planet! They were filled with adorable Groot Funko Pop Toys, floppy/TPB/HC comic books and V for Vendetta silicone trays. We were seriously blow away. Forbidden Planet now owns our hearts. If you’re in the NYC area, make Forbidden Planet your go-to for comics, geeky apparel, toys and more.

Endless thanks to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab as well. They donated a whopping 200 5ml bottles of scented oils! So it’s safe to say that all our guests had the chance to leave with a lovely scent from them. 


Social kept the snacks coming throughout the evening, all the better to enjoy the Custom Geek Girl Themed Drinks on tap! Which one was your favorite?

One of the highlights of our evening involved cupcakes. But not just regular cupcakes, they were made by one of our favorite geeky bakeries, Anna Artuso’s Bakery! They delivered towers upon towers of Pokeball and Star Wars Cupcakes. We were completely blown away at all of the different Pokeball cupcakes. Thankfully, there were plenty to go around so we didn’t have to just choose one. We had like, 12 each. How many did you have?!


At one point during the night there was a light party involving hula hoops and even a dance circle (hula hoop rave, anyone? Is that a thing? Can we make it one?). None of which would have been possible without the musical stylings of DJ Millz. Located high above the main floor he and his assistant Elikai tirelessly inspired dance fever. Next year we plan to infuse even more Geek Girlness into FGNO and have a lady DJ and more geek-inspired tunes.

A performance by SAMMUS!

One of the biggest treats of the night was a late set from Nerdcore rapper, SAMMUS! If you left early, you missed out because SAMMUS killed it! No one brings more energy and honesty to her performances than SAMMUS. From “Mae Jemison” to “Perfect Dark” we were transfixed. We were moved (some to tears). We got chills from her acapella number. It was an honor and a pleasure to have her.


Spread throughout the evening were our amazing raffles provided by our even more amazing FGNO raffle sponsors. The later the raffles, the more bonkers the prizes won! Endless thanks to all of our Raffle Sponsors. FGNO wouldn’t have been the same without you!

Special thanks to our raffle sponsors:

For more info on our raffle sponsors and their social media pages and links, visit our FGNO 2 Sponsor Page!

Cosplay Galore! 

Since FGNO took place right after the biggest day of New York Comic Con a lot of our guests were decked out in amazing and creative cosplay!

Tremendous thanks to all our GGB Volunteers for helping with the party set up and clean up, the raffles, working the door and making throwing this party so fun (not to mention, much less stressful)! Thank you to our GGB Photographers K and Arkedia for capturing all the magic! Thank you to our Venue hosts, Social, our DJ, to Anna Artuso’s for ALL THAT CAKE and our Swag Sponsors for ALWAYS being the best, <3 You Forbidden Planet, and thank you to all of you! FGNO was amazing! See you next year!

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