Holiday Gift Guide for Your Geeky Blogger Friend

Holiday Gift Guide for Your Geeky Blogger Friend

Hey Fellow Geek Girls!,

It’s Paige from the lovely GGB Orlando Chapter! Today I’m here to help with some shopping advice for that one friend, you know the one with an endless stream of ideas, wearer of many hats, and can normally be coaxed out of their dens of cozy creativity (and snuggly animals) for a good cup of coffee and a friendship date. Not ringing a bell? I’m talking about our beloved geeky bloggers! Here are some ideas for the girl who normally has “more hours in the day” and another double shot of espresso at the top of their Christmas list.

Disclaimer: If YOU are the blogger friend, this is your official warning, this list might inspire more than one impulse to “Treat yo self” 😉

Planning Stickers 

I love day planners. and lots of girls I know use them not only to keep their schedules in check, but also to plan out and visualise their blogging calendar. Since the world of planners is a very personal preference from person to person, why not pick your friend up a few sticker packs? I LOVE the assortment from sweetkawaiidesigns. These stickers have so much personality and flair, and can help set aside time for blogging, youtube videos, and everyday tasks like laundry and food prep.

Price range $3 – $10 dollars (or more depending on how many stickers you go for!)

A Shiny New Notebook

Those ideas need to go somewhere! This set of three Harry Potter themed notebooks by LiteraryEmporium are so whimsical and fun, and just $15.00 for all three!

Novelty Pens

A girl can’t have enough cute pens. And although we’d all love to gift our friends (and ourselves) something ultra fancy like these Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Pens right here… I’m going to give us all a minute to just drool and sulk in front of our computer screens.

Honestly though, we write with pens, chew on them, and loose them constantly! You don’t need to break the bank to find something adorable! Sanrio always has a great collection ranging from $5-$17 dollars that I’m always a huge sucker for whenever I visit their stores.

A Wonderfully Geeky Flash Drive

Your friend will 100% be satisfied with their service with this adorable Baymax Flash Drive. Not a Disney fan? There are tons of options for these little guys online and they’re fairly inexpensive. 🙂 Baymax here is just 13.99 on Amazon

An Amazing Coffee Cup

Whether your friend is a coffee junkie or a tea lover, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE loves a cute mug. Now, you could go far and wide into the fandom realms with a TARDIS mug, Darth Vader’s head, or this adorkable lawn gnome. Or you could go the route of something motivational, like this “Blogging Day” mug from ClickandBlossom

Blogging Day Mug $16.00 (Bonus points if this comes with a bag of their favorite roast.)

A Subscription Box

I know what you’re thinking, Whoa Paige! Aren’t subscription boxes like crazy expensive? Well, yes and no. The truth is you don’t have to buy a subscription for an entire year, you could simply buy them one or two boxes. One of the reasons I really like this idea is because it’s an instant idea for a review or unboxing that your friend can then create for their blog. Woo! Think about the sort of content they like to cover, and there’s probably a box for it. A few that i’ve been curious about myself are:

ComicBento $20.00 for a single box

Kawaii Box 18.90 for a single box

The Pusheen Box $48.99 a box

Which yes, is on the pricey side, but it’s pusheeeeen you guys! Pusheeeeeeeen!!

You can use to help narrow down the endless amount of box choices. They’re are after all a lot!

Gift A Meal

Does your friend have a huge deadline coming up after the holidays? Unless your friend runs a food blog and swarmed with delicious leftovers. Making dinner might be the last thing on her mind after writing her heart out. And while getting out of her kigurumi and out to a restaurant might be just the boost of energy she needs. Sometimes it’s nice to have something other than pizza delivered to your door. (Though truth be told, I’ll take pizza any day.)

Check to see if there’s a service like Farm Haus (Orlando FL,) in your area. Something easy, with no cooking required and with Farm Haus you can even add in a bottle of wine! Your blogger friend will be feeling fancy without having to change out of her jim-jams. And will be so ready for a late night Netflix binge when all her writing is through.

…Or before, I mean one episode won’t hurt right?

Prices for services like this will vary but with Farm Haus you can get a pretty sweet dinner for two, wine and dessert for just $40 as a promotion for the holidays.

Looking to go a more DIY route? You could also make your friend dinner or craft them up a care package of their favorite snacks. Let pinterest be your guide!

Kigurumi (or geeky loungewear)

Look, we’d all like to pretend we’re dressed to the nines every day with perfectly styled hair, rocking our favorite closet cosplay. Sometimes without even meaning to! But, more often than not while spending a long day in front of our computers what we look like is the last thing on our minds. Honestly, right now as I type out this blog post I am dressed in a fuzzy bathrobe, and a Dalek tank dress, and my hair is um…well, it’s hair I guess…But not much more can be said about it. I’m the happiest hermit when I’m comfortable. That being said, it’s nice to still feel cute! A kigurumi of your friend’s favorite character will undoubtedly make her smile and keep her warm during these winter months. Plus, they’re so nice to bust out during the last day, or a late night at a convention. 

Kigu Kigurumi $49-$60 dollars and a wide variety of styles

WELOVEFINE $50 (They no longer have the catbug one pictured above, but they do have a pretty great puppycat style!) $17 – $$$ 

A Statement T-Shirt

Statement shirts are great to wear around the house, to the gym, or just…where ever you feel like it. This one by PaintedArrowDesigns on Etsy for $16 -$20 dollars says “I Just want to drink coffee, create stuff and sleep.” Not bad goals if I don’t say so myself. Plus, you can’t wear a Kigurumi 27/7.

…One of you just took that as a challenge.

K-9 Slippers From ThinkGeek 

I’ve thrown out a few ideas on things to gift your friend to keep their nice and warm, but what about their poor defenseless feet? These K-9 Slippers will keep your friend’s tootsies toasty while she’s burning the midnight oil.

You can snag these puppies (puns intended always) on for $29.00 On sale today for $19.99! Woo!

Hope this guide has given you some shopping ideas for the blogging buddies in your life. There are so many fun and creative options for these busy writing queens of the internet and I’d love to know, what would you add to this list? Leave your suggestions down in the comments and I look forward to reading them! Now, I’m off to live the cliche’ and see if I can rummage myself up another caffeinated beverage. 🙂

Wishing you the warmest of holiday wishes and buckets of Christmas cheer,

xo Paige (@MrsPaigeLavoie)

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