GGB Houston’s Zoo Scavenger Hunt!

GGB Houston’s Zoo Scavenger Hunt!

For November, the Houston Brunchettes landed on a Scavenger Hunt at the Houston Zoo. If you’re any bit familiar with Houston, you’ll know we’re a pretty warm place to be most of the time, even in November, but we got hit with some rain and fog and cloudy skies which made the 50 degree weather unseasonably cold! Our list dwindled from nearly 20 down to four, but we marched on and had fun finding out which animal is named Rihanna (hint: it’s an animal from Madagascar) and which animal shares a birthday with one of our lovely GGB officers.

It was an interesting experience being at the Zoo in Houston in such cold weather though… Almost no one was there! We arrived around 9:30am, just after the Zoo opened, and made our way through the various exhibits and animals. Seeing as quite a few of us at this brunch were cat ladies, we spent a long time watching the lions later in the afternoon, when things had warmed up and the lionesses were a bit more energetic. It was an almost similar experience with the primates – the gorillas were content to lounge around, but the chimps didn’t disappoint, with one of them trying to scare the visitors by banging on the glass!

Officer Stephanie turned out to be a veritable wealth of knowledge regarding the Zoo animals and their history, even stopping to explain how Jonathan the lion came to the Zoo to some fellow Zoo-goers that afternoon. We had a blast learning about all the different animals, and even ran into a group of volunteers hosting a ThanksGIBBON, encouraging Zoo visitors to learn more about the Gibbon primates.

All in all, working as a team these Brunchettes were able to find almost every line on the Scavenger Hunt, but better than that sense of accomplishment was the fun everyone had together, relating gemstones to Steven Universe and Sailor Moon, petting goats, and getting some handcrafted paintings from the Zoo’s primates!


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