GGB Kaiserslautern goes to London: Harry Potter Brunch!

GGB Kaiserslautern goes to London: Harry Potter Brunch!

11885371_887574604612559_2526872009462471305_nKaiserslautern took brunch to a whole new level and follow¬†a crazy idea. What idea would that be? Traveling to London for the Harry Potter Studio Tour. There we were, just 24 hours to spend in London with so many things on our list to do…and just like that, we were off!

As we crawled out of our beds with sleepy eyes and got driven to our meeting point we were filled with joy that we were accepting our letters to Hogwarts. The 4am trip to the airport wasn’t pleasant, we all thought we were honestly going to die because of our shuttle bus driver but we did make it there in one piece and very, very wide awake haha.

We grabbed coffee and pastries before our flight and up, up up on our brooms we went all the way to London (Shh, we know it was a Ryan Air’s budget plane…we can dream right?)

castleHeres a good sneak peak into our tour, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. First we put our things down, explored, laughed and then we brunched!! We all didn’t eat in the same place; we split off into sections but in the end, we met up and everyone raved about their amazing food. I mean, just look at it all!

usWhat is not pictured is some actual dishes from Bill’s (the dessert is always the star though) and the others who ate at a pub! We did have drinks, upon drinks, upon drinks. It was totally 5pm somewhere right? If anyone plans to visit or lives in London, we love Bill’s, Bao and the delicious Pubs!!! After picking up macarons, lots of water for all the walking and exploring we did, we went to our spots to catch our cab and shuttles to the HP tour!

Who needed swag bags when we had the whole studio filled with gifts and goodies we could get. We got things ranging from sweaters, wands, signed books and some of us may or may not want everything we saw…one of each! We got to explore the great halls, fight back tears, see all butterbeerthe props and how they made things on set. The costumes were to die for and so were the
actual masks and creatures. You think you appreciate the series, the movies and the little people in the back who made it happen but you won’t fully until you see ALL their hard work. It really, really made us see things in a different light.

Of course while exploring we got butter beer, took lots of pictures and then ended our night with 3 hour naps before we needed to be at the airport. (Ha, ha…lesson learned for next Ktown brunch trips) Remember geekettes: Those tickets that are $20 cheaper are cheaper because you must rush like a madman o the airport at 3am after a full day of exploring. Don’t do it. Spend the extra $20! It was seriously a blast. If you haven’t been, GO. GO. GO!! May your acceptance letter be swift.

While these weren’t all the pictures, it’s a good peek into our wizardly adventure!

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