GGB San Antonio’s October Halloween Horror Brunch!

GGB San Antonio’s October Halloween Horror Brunch!

~ Do You Like Scary Movies? 

GGB San Antonio came together to celebrate all things horrific and horrifying for October and Halloween on our Third Brunch. It was a topic we weren’t sure would draw a huge crowd, but again, our event tickets were gone within nearly twenty-four hours of the evites going out, giving us a big yell of excitement from those women who saw it.

The Horror Brunch took place at The Lion & The Rose, who have become fast favorites for hosting our GGB brunches. Their interior was decked out with cobwebs and their girls were in various costumes. (Quite like some of our own girls, who came as a Crazy Cat Lady, A Demon, Miley Cyrus and more!)

They’re heeeerreee. ~ 

Crazy Clowns!

The women arrived to The Lion & The Rose to find Crazy Clown Coloring sheets on every seat (with a gentle reminder at the bottom of our umbrella tag and specific brunch tag for pictures and posts) and the beginning of the massive San Antonio group-wide grab bag distribution. After passing out all the surprises, they settled into seats, ordering drinks and brunches, while coloring and chatting about their favorite horrors.

I took a souvenir: her pretty head.

The community grab bags explode more every month as more women clamour to be involved the month after they first come and experience them.

This month there were plastic fangs (with gooey candy blood), sharp broken glass & blood mini cupcakes, skulls, salt for seals, Jack The Pumpkin King magnets, horror monster rubber ducks, knitted Franken(stein-candy) Corns, Bat Bows, small eraser spiders, skull lolly pops, tasty treats, an exclusive GGB Jaws print, and a hand-made blood spray bag!

~ It puts the lotion on its skin

Untitled1While we were waiting on food, during eating, and afterward, we played horror games, divided into three teams of 8-9 women. There were horror movies from images on worksheets, and then we all had a quiz about how each of our groups would react or what to pick from scenarios.

Team Hedwig and the Angry *itch claimed a narrow victory over the Femme Fatales and the Gruesome Girls, receiving special horror perler-bead pin prizes for their trouble.

Afterward we cleared up together, and met up outside for our group picture, saying cheese and pretending to murder each other:

Here’s Jooohny! 

Sweethearts for a lark!
Murders after Dark!

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